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Council is committed to maintaining a contemporary planning scheme for the region. The following amendments have been made to the MBRC Planning Scheme: 

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Amendment 1 (Administrative & Minor)

On 14 June 2016, Council adopted an administrative and minor amendment to the MBRC Planning Scheme. The adopted amendment has effect on, and from, 20 June 2016.

The purpose and general effect of the amendment is to:

  • correct spelling, grammar, numbering and formatting errors
  • remove out of date text
  • reflect current QPP mandatory wording
  • align terminology used in different parts of the document and correct inconsistencies
  • amend, add and delete Editor's notes and other explanatory text as necessary to assist in navigating and interpreting the document
  • remove unnecessary duplication
  • correct references to figures
  • correct factual matters that are incorrectly stated in the planning scheme
  • align zone extents and overlay details with the property boundaries and road alignments shown on the current digital cadastral data base (DCDB) supplied by the State
  • amend explanatory notes on maps as necessary to improve their usability
  • adjust some zones and overlay maps to reflect current development approvals
  • more effectively identify the extent of some overlay features referred to in planning scheme codes
  • align various overlay maps with current constraint data published and supplied by the State  

Details of the amendment:

Updated code templates incorporating Amendment 1 will be available shortly.

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