MB+ Third Party Certification

Council launched the MB+ Third Party Certification in July 2016. The MB+ initiative offers an expedited application service for low risk operational work permits.

As part of the process Council accredits suitably qualified consultants and consultancies upon the completion of a meeting specific Council requirements. Council relies on the accredited consultant’s certification and will release endorsed survey plans and development permits for operational works within five (5) business days.

Accredited consultants

MB+ consultants are able to offer a more efficient option for low-risk development applications such as Survey Plan Endorsement and Operational Works.

Benefits of being accredited

As an MB+ accredited consultant, you are able to offer your clients a quicker and more efficient option for low-risk development proposals. This may be of benefit to your business.

Use of MB+ logo graphic

On successful accreditation, Council will provide the specific MBRC MB+ accredited consultant logo, for use to promote your business in accordance with Council’s Policy 12-2150-047.

Terms of use: the placement of the Council MB+ graphic suite on publications, signage and online, indicates support, endorsement or involvement from Council. This logo is only to be used as support graphics in conjunction with those of accredited consultants.

How to become an Accredited Consultant?

Council operates an accreditation system to enable competent and experienced consultants to participate in the MB+ assessment service by obtaining accreditation.

The organisation and their representative/s applying for accreditation need to:

  • demonstrate to council through the provision of previously submitted applications that they are proficient with Council’s Planning Scheme, planning process, and relevant associated legislation;
  • have the required insurances; and
  • submit a complete Accreditation documentation kit.

Accreditation Application documents and further information are contained in:

Submit your application via:

Post: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Development Services Department
PO Box 159,
Caboolture QLD 4510

Lodgement by an accredited consultant for a development application to be processed through this 'fast-track' MB+ initiative, is to include:

Did you know Council has a Fee Calculator for estimating development application fees?

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