Local laws

Local Law 1 - Administration

This law provides a legal and procedural framework for the local government to approve and regulate prescribed activities, such as the operation of camping grounds and caravan parks, keeping of animals, the installation of advertising devices (signs) the use of local government controlled areas and roads such as footpath dining.

The Administration local law also covers matters such as:

  • Prescribed activities
  • Approval requirements for prescribed activities
  • Fees
  • Dealing with abandoned goods and seized or impounded goods
  • Enforcement of the local laws and authorised persons
  • Legal proceedings
  • Approval and review processes
  • Review and repeal processes

Interim Local Law 3 - Advertising Devices 2018

This interim local law replaces Schedule 9 of Subordinate Local Law (Administration) No. 1 (2011) by which Council regulates advertising devices (e.g. election signs) in Council’s local government area. This interim local law will expire on 18 March 2019.

Local Law 2 - Animal management

Regulates and manages the keeping and control of animals within the local government area in a manner to prevent pollution or environmental damage and to protect the health and safety of the community and the amenity of the local area.

The Animal Management local law deals with the manner in which certain animals may or may not be kept within the region and covers matters including:

  • Prohibitions under certain circumstances
  • Approvals for keeping certain animals
  • Controls required for animals
  • The seizure, impoundment and destruction of animals
  • Appeal processes against destruction orders

Local Law 3 - Community & environmental management

Protects the environment, and public health, safety and amenity of the community within the local government area and it includes:

  • Declaration of local pest weeds and animals
  • Overgrown and unsightly allotments
  • Control of some types of fires within the region
  • Local annoyances and hazards including structures that impact on the amenity of the area, for example barbed wire and electric fences, shopping trolleys left in the area, refuse and refuse containers and the slaughtering of animals within the region
  • Specific noise standards

Local Law 4 - Local Government controlled areas & roads

Protects the health and safety of persons using local government controlled land, facilities, infrastructure and roads and to preserve the natural and built environment and other aspects of the amenity of the area and it includes:

  • Prohibited and restricted activities on local government areas, including parks, reserves, and canals
  • Matters affecting roads
  • Aerodromes

Local Law 5 - Parking

Regulates the parking of vehicles within the local government area by establishing traffic areas, off street parking and prescribing fines for illegal parking offences.

The Parking local law also works in conjunction with the Traffic Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 to control parking within the region, including:

  • The declaration of parking areas
  • Parking contrary to restrictions such as commercial and short term permits
  • Off street parking areas
  • Minor traffic offences and relevant infringement amounts

Local Law 6 - Bathing reserves

Provides control measures to enhance the public safety and convenience within bathing reserves under the control of the local government. It also provides information on restricted and prohibited activities and items that can and can’t be taken into a bathing reserve.

The Bathing Reserves local law deals with the establishment of bathing reserves and the conduct of activities within the bathing reserves, including:

  • The signs and flags to be used to denote a bathing area within a reserve
  • Closure of a bathing reserve
  • The equipment permitted or restricted within a bathing reserve
  • The activities of a life saving club within a bathing reserve
  • The powers of authorised persons

Local Law 7 - Waste management

The purpose and general effect of the local law is to protect the public health, safety and amenity related to waste management by

  • Regulating the storage, servicing and removal of waste; and
  • Regulating the disposal of waste at waste facilities; and
  • Ensuring that an act or omission does not result in
  • Harm to human health or safety or personal injury; or
  • Property damage or loss of amenity; or
  • Environmental harm or environmental nuisance.

Obtaining copies

Copies of the local and subordinate laws can be obtained from Council’s offices at:

  • Caboolture - 2 Hasking Street, Caboolture
  • Redcliffe - Irene Street, Redcliffe
  • Strathpine - 220 Gympie Road, Strathpine

Refer to the fees and charges schedule for details on current fee.

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