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Free Wi-Fi is available at all 10 Moreton Bay Region Libraries across the region, in addition to free internet access using library computers.


Libraries Wi-Fi:

  • Is free
  • Has no time limit.
  • Has a download limit of 1GB per device at each location.
  • Is available during library opening hours.
  • Is dependent on acceptance of the Wi-Fi terms and conditions [PDF 65KB] and Council’s privacy policy.
  • Is automatically disconnected if you are out of range of the Wi-Fi service, or when you reach the 1GB download limit.
  • Is enabled on devices with a Wi-Fi network connection supporting 802.11 b/g/n standards.
  • Is open and not encrypted or secured.
  • Does contain filter to prevent illegal or inappropriate usage.

How do I connect?

Your device must have a wireless network connection that you can use to connect to the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi network. We have some general information on compatibility and can offer support to connect common, popular devices to the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi. However, library staff are not able to provide detailed technical assistance.

General connection instructions:

  • Open your device’s wireless network settings and ensure your Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Tap on MBR Libraries Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Connect/Join if prompted.
  • Your device will now be connected to the network.
  • Open your web browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome).
  • You will be redirected automatically to our terms and conditions acceptance page.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Begin using the Wi-Fi service.

What’s a “download limit of 1GB”?

This is how much data your device can download from the internet through the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi connection. This limit exists to ensure there is fair use of the Wi-Fi service available for all our customers. The Wi-Fi service will also attempt to provide all the people connected in the library an equal share of the speed of the Wi-Fi service.

If you want to check how much of the 1GB limit you’ve used when connected to the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi visit the connection status page while connected to the Wi-Fi. When you reach the 1GB limit on your device, access to the Libraries Wi-Fi will cease immediately.

Can I print?

Yes, printing directly from your own device is available on MBR Libraries Wi-Fi through the eKiosk or you can send print jobs from home and release them when you visit a library.

  1. Access the eKiosk in your browser.
  2. Sign in using a library card and password/PIN or create a temporary guest pass account if you are not a library member. If this is your first time using the eKiosk, accept the terms and conditions and click Create Account to continue.
  3. If using a Mobile device, switch to desktop mode. Click the ☰ menu once signed in and select "desktop version", and then "web print".
    1. To Print a file, browse and select files or drag and drop files where indicated. Larger file sizes take longer to upload (100MB max).
    2. To Print from a URL, select "Print from a URL" tab, paste the URL and submit.
    3. To print an email, select "Print an Email or Attachment" and follow the instructions to Register an Email address and forward the email content to
      Note: Emails without attachments print the email. Emails with attachments print only the attachments

Any questions or problems contact the friendly library staff.

Where can I get help if I can’t connect?

  • Speak to library staff in the first instance as your issue may be easily solved.
  • Call Gigafy (Council’s Wi-Fi provider) on 1300 733 629 for advice.
  • Refer to your manual or contact your device manufacturer or administrator if experiencing ongoing technical issues.
  • Council is not responsible for any setting changes you make to your device in order to access the MBRL Libraries Wi-Fi service and recommends you make note of these changes if you alter them.

When can I use the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi service will become available at each branch location during opening hours.

You will be unable to connect and use the service outside of these hours, unless the branch is open to the public for a special event, program or class that requires the Wi-Fi service to remain turned on.

If you are using the Wi-Fi near closing time, you may be disconnected without any warning or without finishing what you may have been doing. Please take care with how you are using the service around these times and if necessary save your work regularly. Library staff cannot turn the service back on.

What are the terms and conditions?

View the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi terms and conditions. [PDF 65KB] These are also linked directly below the “I accept the terms & conditions” button on the connection web page and you can view them on your device before you accept.

The terms and conditions and the offering of the MBR Libraries Wi-Fi service may change without warning or notice. Review the terms and conditions regularly when you use the service.

The use of the service is also governed by Council’s privacy policy.

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