Woody Point history

The name Woody Point seems to have evolved of its own accord. It was certainly in use in the very early days of pioneer settlement and ‘Woody Point’ is marked on most of the old maps. It is actually marked on Hoddle’s map of 1824 but this notation was obviously added at a later date.

This area was heavily timbered at one time and it is said that Oxley named it because of the numerous trees.

"Woody Point and its Restful Beaches

This marine resort is situated on the southern extremity of the hammer-head shaped peninsula of Humpybong, and commands the best uninterrupted view of Moreton Bay and islands." (Mountain and Seaside Resorts of Southern Queensland: From Noosa to the Tweed, compiled and issues by the Queensland Government Intelligence and Tourist Bureau, 1917, p. 67)

The Queensland Place Names Board approved the naming of the suburbs for the city of Redcliffe in 1971.