New: Freegal Music

Freegal Music

Freegal Music is an ad free music steaming and download service for Library customers. The collection consists of over 1 million albums, with 15+ million songs from more than 200 genres. Talking books are also available.

Library membership details will be required to access Freegal Music - join online now or reset your password.

How do I use Freegal Music?

Access Freegal Music on any internet connected PC or mobile device. Apps for devices running Android and Apple OS are available as well as Kindle Fire.

Enter your library card and password, browse and then play. You can create playlists of your favourite songs and even share with others.

Tip: When signing in on the App, if you can’t find Moreton Bay Region Libraries, try searching for Queensland instead of your suburb.

You can stream up to eight hours a day and download up to three songs, or one song and one video per week. Note: Not all songs are available to stream. The streaming timer resets at 4:00 PM AEST, the download timer resets every Monday 4:00 PM AEST. 

For more information about Freegal view their frequently asked questions.