Charges resolution

Council have resolved to adopt a new Charges Resolution (CR) and Implementation Policy. The new Charges Resolution and Implementation Policy have effect from 14 August 2018 and replace the Charges Resolution and Implementation Policy dated 11 December 2017.

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To understand how the Charges Resolution relates to existing development approvals see Charges resolution - existing development approvals.

See Superseded infrastructure charges resolutions to view superseded versions.

See The Mill PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan for development in The Mill at Moreton Bay Priority Development Area.

Charges resolution amendments

The amendments to the new CR include the following:

Section 6 Comparison of planning scheme use categories and adopted charge categories

Update to the description of industrial use categories to align with the Planning Regulation 2017.

Section 18 (Conversion applications) and Section 19 (Conversion criteria)

Conversion applications and criteria has been combined into one section 18 with further clarification provided consistent with the Guidance for the Minister’s Guidelines and Rules. Reference to trunk infrastructure identified within the Netserv Plan required by the Distributor-retailer has been removed; the criteria now only relates to trunk infrastructure provided to and owned by the Local Government for development infrastructure under the Act.

Schedule 1: Dictionary

The amendment of the definition of “Netserv Plan”.

Schedule 2 (Superseded Planning Scheme Tables) and Schedule 3 (Adopted Charges)

Update to the description of industrial use categories to align with the current Planning Regulation.

Schedule 4 Item 6

A reference to the procedure outlined in Appendix 1, Section (4) of the Charges Resolution Implementation Policy (No 8) has been added.

Implementation Policy

Section 2: Intent

Updated to include Charges Resolution (No 7) 2017 as a superseded version.

Section 16: Conversion Applications

Updated to refer to Section 18 of the resolution.

Appendix 1, Section (4)

Updated to include the default method for calculating the valuation of land within Infrastructure Charges Resolution based on the Guidance for Minister’s Guidelines and Rules.

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