Moreton Bay Regional Council’s immunisation clinics provide free vaccinations to eligible residents as recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council. If you are not eligible for free vaccination, Council can also provide some vaccines at cost. Clinics are delivered by qualified Registered Nurses who have authorisation to provide vaccination services.


To view the vaccines recommended and funded for particular age groups and at-risk individuals, visit the National Health and Medical Research Council's National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Information about the diseases that are vaccinated against under the National Immunisation Program Schedule can be found on the Immunise Australia Program website.

Community immunisation clinics

Council operates immunisation clinics at locations across the region on a rotational basis. Vaccinations on the National Immunisation Schedule are available free of charge. The following vaccines are also available for purchase:

  • Influenza
  • Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Hepatitis B (adult)
  • Hepatitis A & B combination
  • Varicella (chickenpox)

National Immunisation Schedule Expansion from July 1, 2017

All 10 to 19 year olds are eligible for free catch up vaccines through the National Immunisation Program from July 1, 2017. In addition, refugees and other humanitarian entrants aged 20 years and over are eligible for free catch up vaccines. Please see the frequently asked questions for details on which vaccines are included.

Attending a Council clinic

  • No appointment is necessary.
  • Baby vaccinations: please bring your child’s health record book (red book) and Medicare card.
  • Other vaccinations: please bring your Medicare card
  • Please be aware that after you receive your vaccination, you will be required to wait for 15 minutes.
  • If purchasing a vaccine, you can pay on the day with a credit or debit card. Cash payments are no longer available.
  • For minimum time intervals for vaccines, please refer to the frequently asked questions


Due to renovations being performed on the Albany Creek Library in November and December 2018, the Immunisation Clinics held in the library on 13 November 2018 and 11 December 2018 will be moved to the Albany Creek Community Centre, 15 Ernie street, Albany Creek. Both clinics operate from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Location Time Clinics Address
Morayfield 9.30am - 11.30am First Tuesday of every month Park Community Hall (Supper Room), 298 Morayfield Road, Morayfield - Map
Kallangur 1.30pm - 3.30pm First Tuesday of every month Kruger Hall, 27 Ann Street, Kallangur - Map
Deception Bay 9.30am - 11.30am Second Tuesday of every month Neighbourhood Centre, Cnr Ewart and Endeavour Streets, Deception Bay - Map
Albany Creek 1.30pm - 3.30pm Second Tuesday of every month Library, 16 Ferguson Street, Albany Creek - Map
Redcliffe 9.30am - 11.30am Third Tuesday of every month Library, 476 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe - Map
North Lakes 1.30pm - 4.30pm Third Tuesday of every month Library, 10 The Corso, North Lakes - Map
Strathpine 1.30pm - 4.30pm Fourth Tuesday of every month Community Centre,199 Gympie Road (off Mecklem Street), Strathpine - Map

*No clinics on fifth Tuesday, public holidays or during Council Christmas close down period.

Alternatively, download:

Free Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program - 1 June 2017 to 31 December 2018

The free Meningococcal ACWY vaccination is available for Year 10 students as part of the School Immunisation Program. From 1st June 2017 to 31st December 2018, individuals in either of the following two groups are also eligible for the free vaccine at Council’s Community Immunisation Clinics:

  • All young people aged 15 to 19 years at time of vaccination
  • Students in Year 10 in 2017 who have missed their school vaccination day

When attending a clinic, please bring your Medicare card. No appointment is necessary.

For more information on the vaccine and the program please visit Queensland Health: Meningococcal ACWY

Free whooping cough vaccine in pregnancy

The Queensland Government is providing free whooping cough vaccine for women in their third trimester of pregnancy to protect newborn babies against whooping cough (pertussis). The vaccination is a combined diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (dTpa) injection. Women should be vaccinated during each pregnancy even if they have had the vaccine before, to provide maximum protection for their newborn baby. Pregnant women early in their third trimester (preferably between 28 and 32 weeks) may attend a council immunisation clinic to receive this vaccination cost free. When attending a clinic, please bring your Medicare card and antenatal record card. No appointment is necessary.

Track your family vaccinations

The Queensland Government ‘VacciDate’ app will remind you when vaccinations are due for your children aged up to 4 years. You can add appointments and track your child’s vaccination progress helping you give them the best protection against vaccine preventable diseases. The app is available for Apple and Android.

For more information see the Vaccination Matters website

School immunisation program

Students attending secondary schools within Moreton Bay Region are eligible for free vaccination through the School Immunisation Program. Vaccines are provided in accordance with the recommendations of the National Health and Medical Research Council. Detailed information and consent forms will be distributed via your child’s school.

Only students with completed and signed consent cards on the day of the school immunisation clinic will be vaccinated. If you choose not to have your child vaccinated at school, you will need to sign and return the official ‘NO to Vaccination’ non-consent card.

Secondary school students will be offered the following vaccines:

Secondary school vaccines
Year level Diseases Students
Seven (7) Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (whooping cough) Males and Females
Seven (7) Human Papillomavirus Males and Females
Ten (10) Meningococcal ACWY Males and Females

Before the first school visit, your child will be given a consent pack that contains the following:

Year 7 consent pack:

Year 10 consent pack:

Catch-up vaccinations

Parents of students who have missed school vaccinations will receive a letter advising options and vaccination due dates. Timely catch-up is recommended to ensure your child can continue to participate in the School Immunisation Program. The vaccine is free at Council's Community Immunisation Clinics or your family doctor. Your doctor may charge a consultation fee.

If your Year 10 child misses their school immunisation clinic, they can access the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine for free until 31 May 2018 at a Council Community Immunisation Clinic.

If your child has had a catch-up vaccination at the doctor, you must immediately advise Council in writing to avoid your child being given a duplicate dose at the next school immunisation clinic. This can be completed by emailing and supplying the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Date of birth
  • School
  • Grade/year level
  • Vaccine administered by the doctor
  • Batch number
  • Date given
  • Doctor's details
  • Parent name and contact number


Adults are eligible to receive a free flu vaccination annually from the age of 65 years. These vaccines are available at Council community immunisation clinics from mid to late April each year. Please call Council prior to attending a clinic to confirm the availability of the vaccine.

One dose of pneumovax vaccine is provided free for all adults aged 65 years or over. If you are considered ‘medically at risk’ four years after you receive your first dose, you are eligible to an additional dose of the pneumovax vaccine.

National Shingles Vaccination Program

The shingles vaccination (Zostavax) is available free for all adults aged 70 years old as part of the National Immunisation Program. This also includes a free catch-up vaccination for those aged 71-79 years. The catch up vaccinations will be offered until October 31st, 2021. This vaccine is unavailable at Council’s immunisation clinics. Please visit your family GP to access this free vaccination

Accessing Your Immunisation Records

The Australian Immunisation Register

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) has expanded to become the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). The ACIR was originally introduced to hold vaccination details for children 0 to 7. The ACIR did not hold vaccination records for people born before 1989. Please note if your child is aged 14 years or over, they are required to apply for their own records.

Please note the AIR does not record vaccinations provided through school vaccination programs. These records are held by Queensland Department of Health's vaccination database. Please contact either Brisbane North Public Health Unit on (07) 3624 1111 or the service provider that administered the vaccinations.

Child immunisation records

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register administered by Medicare Australia. If your child has been immunised overseas you can have the details transcribed to the AIR by visiting your doctor and asking them to upload the details.

You can get a copy of your child’s immunisation records held on AIR by

Immunisations given to children between 7 and 18 years of age may not have been previously recorded on the AIR.

National HPV Register

The National HPV Vaccination Program Register (HPV Register) is a confidential database that collects details about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations given in Australia. For further information please visit the HPV register website.

The HPV vaccine is not included in the list of immunisations that are required to be eligible to receive family assistance payments and is therefore not affected by the No Jab, No Pay policy.

Adult immunisation records

Adult immunisations have not previously been recorded on national or state registers. To find past immunisation records, you can ask the GP or immunisation provider who provided the vaccinations to check their medical records.

To access HPV immunisation records for adolescents and adults, you can call the National HPV Vaccination Program Register on (07) 1800 478 734.

Council immunisation records

Moreton Bay Regional Council holds records of vaccinations administered in Council immunisation clinics and can provide you with an immunisation history. Due to privacy laws, please be aware that when contacting Council for your immunisation records, you will be required to confirm your identity.

To request immunisation records please contact Council’s Call Centre.

Frequently asked questions

View the frequently asked questions.

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