Drones - Flying drones or model aircraft recreationally

The flying of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft in Australia is regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) through the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101. The CASA rules for flying drones are detailed on the CASA website.

You must not fly a drone in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property. The CASA rules must be followed every time a drone is flown

  • You must only fly during the day and keep your drone within visual line-of sight.
    This means being able to see the aircraft with your own eyes (rather than through a device) at all times.Operators must not fly a model aircraft over or above people This could include festivals, sporting ovals, populated beaches and parks, busy roads and footpaths while they are in use.
  • You must not fly your drone higher than 120 metres (400ft) above the ground
  • You must not fly over or above people. This could include beaches, parks, events, or sport ovals where there is a game in progress.
  • Operators must not fly a model aircraft closer than 30 metres to vehicles, boats, buildings or people.
  • You must not fly in a way that creates a hazard to other aircraft, so operators should keep at least 5.5 km away from airfields, aerodromes and helicopter landing sites.
  • Respect personal privacy. Don't record or photograph people without their consent

Breaches of CASA rules for flying

Drone operators must follow the CASA rules for flying drones at all times. Any breaches of CASA rules are enforceable by CASA.

Unsafe drone operations should be reported to CASA - unsafe drone operation complaint form.

Privacy issues

Council cannot regulate the privacy issues that may arise from the flying of drones from or over a Council park.

Complaints should be referred to the Office of the AustralianInformation Commissioner.

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