Health & safety

General health

  • Contaminated food complaints are investigated by Queensland Health.
    Council deals with complaints concerning general food hygiene practices (eg. not washing hands)
  • Discarded syringes & needles 
    If you find a syringe, please do not pick it up, contact Council immediately and report the location.
  • Immunisation

    Free immunisation clinics, vaccines, school immunisation program, over 65's free flu vaccine.

  • Mosquito control

    Management during the summer storm season, breeding seasons, treatment, common mosquito areas.

  • Graffiti

    What to do if you have graffiti on your property, how Council can assist and how to report graffiti on Council property.

  • Neighbourhood watch

    A program about working together as a community to improve personal safety and household security.

  • Marine rescue

    Volunteer Marine Rescue, Bribie Island is on emergency call 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  • Disaster management

    Be prepared, emergency contacts, volunteering, evacuation centres and sandbagging.

  • Rainwater tanks

    The Australian Government has established guidelines for drinking water and use of rain water tanks in Australia.

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