Harmony Day

Harmony Day and National You Week Short Film
View this short film celebrating the
cultural diversity and views of young
people in the Moreton Bay region.

Harmony Day is held every year throughout Australia on 21 March. Harmony Day aims to recognise and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and promote the key message that ‘everyone belongs’.

The Moreton Bay region is one of the fastest growing and culturally diverse regions in Australia. One in every four residents are born overseas from over 180 countries speaking more than 150 different languages.

Harmony Day provides an opportunity for council to celebrate the regions cultural diversity and promote a sense of belonging to everyone that calls the Moreton Bay region home.

Harmony Day Fund

Council is offering grant funding to support community groups and organisations to deliver initiatives that mark Harmony Day on March 21. Funding is available to assist with events, activities and programs that celebrate the regions cultural diversity and their contribution to our communities.

To view Council’s financial assistance opportunities, please refer to the Fund Guidelines [PDF 220KB].

Funding dates
Funding Round Open Funding Round Closed Available Funding
December 1 5.00pm, February 1 Up to $1,000

Harmony Day 2017

On 16 March, Council hosted a Harmony Day Citizenship Ceremony and welcomed over 100 residents from across the Moreton Bay Region to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge. The candidates were from 27 different countries including UK, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Serbia and Ireland. In celebration of Harmony Day, candidates were invited to wear their cultural dress or the Harmony Day colour orange. The evening included special prizes, viewing of a short Harmony Day film, and lots of Harmony Day giveaways.


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How can Council support your celebrations?

There are a range of free and/or subsidised services and equipment items on offer to community groups and organisations.

More information

For more information on the Harmony Day Grant:

If you require further information on Council's Multicultural Services, please contact our Community and Cultural Programs team:

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