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For the Caboolture district refer to Caboolture ShirePlan - Volume 1 Planning Scheme Policy 4 - Part A Design & Development Manual.

Pine Rivers

It is recommended that engineering drawings and specifications be submitted for approval after the issue of a Development Permit for Reconfiguring Lots. This will reduce the possibility of major amendments or redesign that may result from the special conditions of the Permit.

Generally, all correspondence and communications regarding the application shall be with the applicant only. In special circumstances, Council's Subdivisions Engineer may authorise otherwise, in which case copies of correspondence may be forwarded to the Owner and/or Developer.

Prior to submission

General requirements

Prior to submission the following items should be completed:

The proposal layout plan as amended by the permit must be approved and the engineering drawings incorporate any amendments required by the permit. A lot calculation plan is required as part of the engineering drawings.

Any reports or investigations required by either the Development Permit, Rezoning Approval or Subdivision Permit (pre IPA approvals) shall have been approved. Where the recommendation of reports or investigations require amendments to the proposal layout plan, the amended plan must be approved and the engineering drawings incorporate the amendments.

Obtain written approvals and clearances for the following as applicable:

  • Queensland Department of Transport
  • DPI - Water Resources
  • Downstream Drainage Discharge Rights
  • Clearance for works in/on land not owned Subdivider
  • Energex
  • Others (as necessary)

Predesign meeting

Designers are encouraged to use Council's predesign meeting service to discuss design issues prior to finalising of engineering drawings for submission to Council. Approval of Functional Road Layouts can be obtained prior to submission of the application.

Checking of drawings & specifications prior to submission

The applicant must ensure that all drawings and specifications submitted for approval by Council have first been checked and approved by the Subdivider's Registered Professional Engineer and signed by that Engineer. Council Officers are not responsible for checking drawings in detail.

It is the consultant's responsibility, through their quality assurance procedures, to ensure that designs and documentation are in accordance with Council's Standards, Policies, Town Planning Scheme and other appropriate engineering standards.

Designs must conform with acceptable engineering practice and produce a proper and safe design.


Where standard specifications have previously been approved then these are not required to be submitted. Job specifications must be submitted for approval as part of this application.

Non-conforming design

Non-conforming designs will be considered on their merits. These designs must satisfy the objectives and performance criteria of Council's Design Manual. All non-conforming design proposals must be clearly identified and reasons for its use given.

Application checklist

An application checklist must be completed and included in the original submission. This checklist summarises the fundamental items which Council will check in assessing the application. It is intended that the checklist will assist in minimising the requirement for amendment of designs to comply with the various requirements of Council's documents.

The designer may cross out items that do not apply to the proposal and add notes or comments where the design varies from Council's standards (eg. non-conforming design)

Submission to Council 

The submission of engineering drawings and specifications for operational works must include:

  • The application form fully completed
  • Council's Application Checklist fully completed
  • Application fees in accordance with Council's fees & charges
  • Two (2) complete sets of A1 size engineering drawings (N.B. incomplete drawings and partial sets will not be accepted)
  • Two (2) sets of standard drawings (if not included in the specifications)
  • Two (2) complete specifications
  • Any information requested in the development/ subdivisional permit (reports, studies, etc.)
  • One copy of all drawings in A3 size
  • Any relevant supporting documents
  • Details of any non-conforming design and reasons for proposing its use (Council approval should be obtained prior to drawing submission)

Resubmission of drawings and specifications

Where drawings and/or specifications are not approved, they require resubmission which shall include:

  • Where stated in Council's letter requesting further information, a resubmission fee paid in accordance with Council's current Fee Schedule
  • One (1) copy of each amended drawing/specification with amendments clearly identified
  • Any relevant supporting documentation
  • Details of any non-conforming design and reasons for proposing its use

Approvals subject to minor amendments 

Where drawings and/or specifications are approved subject to minor amendments, they must be amended and returned to Council for final approval prior to commencement of the works. The returned documents shall include:

  • One (1) copy of each amended drawing/specification with amendments clearly identified
  • Any relevant supporting documentation

Approved drawings 

Where drawings have been approved or amended drawings approved:

  • It is an offence to make any amendments to the drawing as approved by Council and issue them as drawings purporting to have been approved by Council.

Before the commencement of construction works for any of the following, two (2) complete sets of the relevant A3 SIZED drawings shall be forwarded to Council.

  • Silt Erosion Control, Silt Management, Vegetation Clearing and Disposal and Bulk Earthworks
  • Roadworks and Drainage
  • Water Reticulation
  • Sewerage

When all drawings have been approved, two (2) complete sets of A3 SIZED drawings must be forwarded to Council within seven (7) days of the last approval whether or not drawings have been forwarded as an earlier requirement.


A pre-start meeting forms a mandatory requirement of the development process if operational works approval is required following the issue of a development permit.

As part of the operational works approval, the developers' supervising engineer is required to organise a pre-start meeting with all relevant parties. The meeting shall occur before any works associated with the development permit commences on site.

Purpose of Councils pre-start meeting

A pre-start meeting forms an integral part of the operational works process and is intended to provide opportunity for

  • Direct contact between the relevant parties associated with the construction of the subdivision and establishes the appropriate line of communication with Council
  • Council to obtain relevant construction information such as emergency contact details and work commencement date from the relevant parties;
  • A copy of the development permit to be given to the contractor
  • The reinforcement of the importance of sediment and erosion control and discussion of appropriate control measures
  • Discussion of any issues contained in the development permit and operational works approval letter that Council may consider important and relevant to the attending parties
  • The consultant and contractor to be given a list of items consistently found to be non-conforming to Councils standards pending "On Maintenance"; and
  • Any attending parties to ask questions of Council

Requesting a pre-start meeting

The operational works approval letter may be subject to any minor amendments that are required by Council. Such amendments are to be completed and approved by Council before a pre-start meeting is permitted.

As identified in the operational works approval letter, seven (7) days notice shall be given prior to commencement of construction. Council's construction engineer is to be contacted to arrange a time for the meeting.

The following people will be required to attend the pre-start meeting:

  • Developers Supervising Engineer
  • Contractors Engineer/Project Manager
  • Contractors Site Supervisor
  • Biologist/Koala Inspector (where permit conditions include koala conditions)

For further information please contact Council.


Designers are encouraged to use Council's pre-design meeting service to discuss design issues prior to finalising engineering drawings for submission to Council.

Approval of functional road layouts can be obtained prior to submission of the application.

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