Endorsement of Subdivision Plans

Plan Endorsement

If your development involves subdivision, Moreton Bay Regional Council must approve the survey plan. Council approves (also known as sealing / endorsement) the survey plan once the development is finalised and all conditions of approval have been met prior to lodgement for registration.

To help Council process your survey plan endorsement request quickly and efficiently, make sure you have all the relevant supporting information lodged with your request and complete Council's Plan Endorsement Application Form.

If the endorsement application relates to 'The Mill at Moreton Bay Priority Development Area', ensure the application is lodged with all the relevant supporting information and complete Council's endorsement application form specific for The Mill site

Lodging Plans of Subdivision (Survey Plan) under the Planning Act 2016

ALL survey plans received by Council post 3 July 2017 will be processed under the Planning Act 2016 (PA). Below is the process that Council is adopting for approving the survey plans.

All survey plan endorsement applications submitted with Council post 3 July 2017 are to be accompanied by Council's Plan Endorsement Application Form, Conditions Compliance Report, all relevant documentation and appropriate fees as per Council's current adopted Fees & Chargea. Refer to the Fee Calculator on Council's website to assist with fee calculation.

Note: A Unitywater Certificate of Completion is required to be submitted with the endorsement applications. Contact Unitywater direct for process in obtaining the Certificate of Completion.

All survey plan endorsement applications submitted with Council prior to 3 July 2017 under the previous legislations (Integrated Planning Act 1997 & Sustainable Planning Act 2009) will continue to be dealt with under the relevant previous legislation.

(Note - the IDAS Form 32 is no longer required to be submitted for survey plan endorsement applications submitted under the Planning Act 2016).

MB+ Third Party Certification

What is it and why should I use it?

July 2016 saw the successful launch of Council's MB+ Third Party Certification initiative for approving survey plans. This initiative is a simple and fast way to have low risk development applications approved by Council (survey plan endorsement and operational works applications).

What are the benefits to use this process?

  • It is a streamlined and more efficient option for enabling the approval of survey plans.
  • Council approval of survey plans can be performed within five (5) business days, providing a proper made application.

Lodging an application under MB+

Applicants will need to lodge a survey plan endorsement application through a Council accredited consultant and include a completed application form mb+ Plan Endorsement Application Form.

A list of MB+ accredited consultant is available on Council's website.

Becoming an accredited consultant

For information on becoming a Council accredited consultant refer to becoming an accredited consultant.

What to do with legal documentation associated with a survey plan?

Creation/surrender of easements

If you are creating or surrendering an easement as part of a survey plan, you will need to provide easement/surrender easement documentation with your application.

Community Management Statement/Building Management Statement

If you are creating a community title (eg. standard format or building format plan) and the survey plan includes common property, you will need to provide a signed Community Management Statement (CMS) for endorsement. Fees are applicable for the signing of the CMS.

Note: The preparation of all legal documentation is the responsibility of the developer.

Bonding of Outstanding Works

Survey Plans are endorsed under bond when the earthworks and 50% of all operational work has been completed and other conditions of approval have been met. Council will endorse the survey plan, with the outstanding works to be completed within three (3) months in line with Council's policy.

In this case, the works to be completed are secured by a bond and an infrastructure agreement.

This is called 'bonding of works' and allows the developer to deal with the land after the survey plan has been endorsed.

What is to be lodged for outstanding works with the survey plan endorsement application?

Note: Interest will not accrue on cash bonds

The plan of survey will be endorsed by Council, enabling the developer to deal with the land. When works have been accepted 'On Maintenance', the bond will be reduced to the value of the Maintenance Bond, which is 5% of total works.

Infrastructure Charges

An explanation of infrastructure charges and how they effect the development is available at the following links - Charges resolution and Charges resolution - existing development approvals.

Telecommunications in new developments

Developers are responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure in their developments. To provide this infrastructure, you need to contract a carrier to install and operate a telecommunications network.

Refer to the Fact Sheet - Telecommunications in new developments for further details.


Since 1 July, 2014, South East Queensland's water distributor-retailers (Queensland Urban Utilities and Unitywater) took responsibility for assessing all water and sewerage matters (under the Utility Model), other than in certain instances provided for under the legislation as a transition to the new utility model. Previously this role was undertaken by Moreton Bay Regional Council on behalf of Unitywater (under the Delegated Assessment Model).

Accordingly, for any survey plan endorsement applications lodged with Council, a Unitywater Certificate of Completion will be required to be submitted with the application.

It is also important to note the following in relation to Unitywater matters:

  • any development contributions/infrastructure charges for Unitywater are to be paid directly to Unitywater;
  • easement documents, transfer documents and general consents requiring Unitywater approval need to be submitted to Unitywater directly;
  • when early endorsement of a survey plan is to be sought, if necessary, a separate agreement with Unitywater will be required.

For further details on the Utility Model please contact Unitywater on 1300 0 Unity (1300 086 489) or email .

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