Endorsement of Subdivision Plans

What is plan sealing?

Following the issue of development permits for reconfiguring a lot and operational works, the plan of subdivision (or survey) is required to be 'signed' by Council prior to registering the plan at the titles office of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources & Mines (DNRM).

Commonly used terms for "Plan of Survey"

  • Linen plan
  • Title plan
  • Subdivision plan
  • Plan of subdivision
  • Survey plan
  • Registered plan
  • RP or SP


  • The conditions stated on the development permit are completed (or Council otherwise secures their completion with a bond).
  • Plan of survey prepared by registered surveyor in accordance with the approved development permit.
  • Plan of survey lodged with Council for signing.
  • Signed plan of survey collected from Council and lodged to the Department of Natural Resources & Mines for registration of the land title with the State government.

Visit the Department of Environment and Resource Management website for a listing of land title regulatory fees applicable to registering a plan of survey.

Types of plans

There are a number of different methods of reconfiguring land. These methods may include:

  • Subdivision;
  • Dividing land by agreement;
  • Boundary rearrangement; or
  • Access Easement.

If the reconfiguration involves subdivision, there are three (3) types of formats that are possible under the Land Titles Act.

  • Standard
  • Volumetric; and
  • Building

Are you creating an easement?

If you are creating an easement, you will need to provide easement documents with your application.

Will you require a Community Management Statement?

If you are creating a community title (eg. standard format or building format plan) and the plan of survey includes common property, you will need to provide a signed Community Management Statement for endorsement.

Bonding agreements

Plans of survey are endorsed under bond when the earthworks and 50% of all operational work has been completed and other conditions of approval have been met. Council will endorse the plan of survey, with the outstanding works to be completed within three (3) months.

In this case, the works to be completed are secured by a bond and an infrastructure agreement. This is called 'bonding of works' and allows the developer to deal with the land after the plan of survey has been endorsed.

To allow this to happen, a schedule of works is submitted by the engineer for approval. This schedule is included in the infrastructure agreement for outstanding works.

Bank guarantee

When required, a bank guarantee or cash bond, is to be the greater of:

  • $5000
  • the value of the uncompleted works + 25%
  • the value of the maintenance bond

The plan of survey will be endorsed by Council, enabling the developer to deal with the land.

When works have been accepted 'On Maintenance', the bond will be reduced to the value of the Maintenance Bond, which is 5% of total works.

It is also possible to bond works for developments other than reconfiguration, in a similar manner.

The Bond is to be submitted on bank letterhead and signed by the bank's attorney. Refer to the bottom of this page for a satisfactory form of bank guarantee.

Infrastructure Agreement

Council is to be provided with an original and two (2) copies of the infrastructure Agreement. These documents are to be stamped and bound prior to lodging with Council. The Engineers Certificate, details of contractors, estimate of uncompleted work and Development Permit are also to be bound into the infrastructure agreement and the copies of the infrastructure agreement.

Refer to Council’s policy ‘Approval of Subdivision Plan Prior to Completion of all Subdivision Works’ (link at the bottom of this page) for a copy of the Council’s standard infrastructure agreement to be used.

Engineers certificate

The Engineers Certificate is to be completed. Refer to the bottom of this page for an example. The minimum value of the performance bond shall be the value of the maintenance bond plus $5000.00. NOTE: INTEREST WILL NOT ACCRUE ON DEPOSIT.

The engineer's certificate is to be bound into the infrastructure agreement and the copies of the infrastructure agreement.


From 1 July, 2014, South East Queensland’s water distributor-retailers (Queensland Urban Utilities and Unitywater) have taken responsibility for assessing all water and sewerage matters (under the Utility Model), other than in certain instances provided for under the legislation as a transition to the new utility model. Previously this role was undertaken by Moreton Bay Regional Council on behalf of Unitywater (under the Delegated Assessment Model).

Accordingly, for any survey plan lodged with Moreton Bay Regional Council on or after 1 July 2014, Council will no longer be referring the survey plan to Unitywater and instead Council will request the applicant to submit to Council a Certificate of Completion or Provisional Certificate of Completion from Unitywater confirming all of Unitywater’s requirements have been satisfied.

It is also important to note that from 1 July 2014;

  • any development contributions for Unitywater are to be paid directly to Unitywater and no longer to Moreton Bay Regional Council. Contact with Unitywater will be required in advance of payment to confirm if a tax invoice needs to be prepared;
  • easement documents, general consents and the like requiring Unitywater approval will need to be submitted to Unitywater directly;
  • when early endorsement of a survey plan is to be sought, if necessary, a separate agreement with Unitywater will be required;

For further details on the Utility Model please contact Unitywater on 1300 0 Unity (1300 086 489) or email .

Lodging a plan sealing application to Council

It is imperative that ALL documents are lodged or the application will be returned to you and a resubmission fee will apply when it is re-lodged. To assist you with lodging a complete application Council has developed a guideline for you to check you have everything.

To ensure your application contains all the necessary information and supporting evidence, complete the ‘Plan Sealing Lodgement Check Sheet’ and submit with your application.

If you’re a Council Accredited Consultant for lodging mb+ Third Party Certification applications for plan endorsement, please ensure your application includes a completed 'mb+ Plan Sealing Application Lodgement Check Sheet'.

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