Development application submissions

Have your say on development applications

You can make a submission in support of or in objection to a publicly advertised development application.

However, to ensure you secure appeal rights (i.e. rights to appeal to the Courts the decision that Council makes about the development application) you must make a "properly made" submission.

How do I ensure my submission is "properly made"?

Council cannot consider anonymous submissions. To be a valid submitter to a development application, a submission must be properly made in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 (Act). All properly made submissions are published on PD Online for viewing along with the development application. Submissions lodged will generally be published online in their entirety, including name, address and signature.

Once a development application has been decided, in accordance with the Act, the name and address of all submitters who made a properly made submission to the development application will be contained in the Council's decision which is then provided to the applicant and is available to other submitters. This occurs when the applicant and submitters are advised of the Council's decision.

A "properly made" submission is one that:

  • Is in writing and received by mail, fax or email
  • States the development address it relates to
  • Is signed by each person who made it (unless it is made electronically)
  • Is received during the notification period (ie during the days stipulated in the public notice)
  • States clearly the name and address of each person making the submission; and
  • States the grounds (reasons) for the submission

Additional information to assist Council in processing the submission is appreciated:

  • Includes facts and circumstances supporting the grounds (reasons) for the submission
  • Includes the Council file/reference number (if known); and
  • Is addressed to Council's assessment manager (if known)

What is the submission process?

A submission can be lodged any time up until 5.00pm of the last day of the notification period (i.e. the last day stipulated in the public notice). If the Council receives your submission outside of this time, your submission will be deemed not properly made.

You may withdraw your submission at any time before the decision is made. If you make a "properly made" submission, a copy of the Decision Notice and Development Permit will be posted to you after the application is decided by Council.

If you signed your name in a petition, only the "principal" petitioner (i.e. the person that signed their name first or identifies themselves as the contact person) will receive a copy of the Decision Notice and Development Permit.

If you disagree strongly with the decision made by Council, you may make an appeal against the decision to the Planning & Environment Court

How do I lodge a submission to Council?

You can lodge a written submission with Council by:

  • Mail to:
  • The Chief Executive Officer
    Moreton Bay Regional Council
    PO Box 159
    Caboolture, Qld 4510
  • In person at any of the Customer Service Centres
  • Email to
    An electronic submission does not need to be signed but must state the name and address of each person making the submission.

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