Public waste services

Council provides a variety of public waste bin services: 

Public place bins

Public place binsCouncil provides a variety of bin styles for use by the public.

These bins can be located on the footpath, in parks, on jetties, at bus shelters and in public places. The bins are serviced by Council officers and contractors.

The bins are provided for the disposal of waste generated in a public place and are not for domestic or commercial waste.

Damaged or overflowing bins

Overflowing binDamaged (eg. burnt, cracked body, missing lid, broken wheels) and stolen / missing bins will be replaced after being reported.

A bin maybe overflowing due to a number of reasons and may need to be reviewed for service frequency, location and/or size. 

To report overflowing, damaged or stolen public place bins, contact Council.

Bins for public place events

All Council parks and facilities within the region are available for bookings by the general public except for leased or designated areas (eg. sports fields, tennis courts), see park bookings.

General waste binHiring bins for an event in a Council facility:

  • Community organisations (non commercial use)
    Not-for-profit community organisations who require bins for their event can request 240 litre general waste bins, contact Council.
  • Commercial use
    Contact Council to discuss effective event waste management options and bin types (charges will apply for supply and emptying of bins). Note: temporary service - additional bin supplied fee applies to all requests for waste bins to be available for events in public parks and facilities.

Litter / illegal dumping

Illegally dumped asbestos is a public health and environmental riskLearn about the current Queensland Litter Laws on the Queensland department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) website.

If you witness littering or illegal dumping from a vehicle:

Report the incident on the Report it! Queensland littering and illegal dumping register.

Note: have the relevant details ready including the vehicle description including the street address or position in a park/reserve where the littering/illegal dumping occurred, the registration number, description of who littered/illegally dumped (i.e. driver, male, approx age, etc), and your name and contact details. The website will ask you to select yes to be available for possible legal requirements.

If you want a littering or illegal dumping site to be cleaned up:

Council is committed to providing waste facilities and educating the community about the appropriate disposal of waste. 

The incorrect disposal of waste by littering impacts not only the residents but also the environment. It is everyone's responsibility to dispose of their litter appropriately.

Hazardous and regulated waste needs to be handled, transported and disposed of appropriately, in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Note: illegally dumped asbestos is a public health and environmental risk.

  • Recyclable litter
    A drink bottle or other recyclable waste that is littered and not placed in a recycling bin, is considered a lost resource. Millions of plastic drink bottles and other recyclable waste never make it to the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) for sorting and reprocessing into a new recycled product, see recycling.

    Litter collected in clean up campaigns and programs (eg. Clean Up Australia Day) are usually weathered and covered / filled with dirt or liquid and therefore too contaminated to be recycled.
  • Away from home
    Please help recycle as many containers and paper / cardboard as possible by disposing responsibly into the correct public bin, or take your waste home to dispose in the household recycling bin.

LitteringRemember: be responsible with your cigarette butts. Butt out and dispose in the nearest general waste bin or carry an enclosed container to take it home for disposal. Don't let your cigarette butt end up in the local waterway or beach as a potentially harmful item for marine and wildlife, as well as being unsightly to walk, swim and fish amongst.

One cigarette butt thrown on the ground can incur a fine for the disposer.

Pet tidy bag dispensers

Pet bag dispenserCouncil requires residents to contain your pet droppings in public areas, and requests pet owners to include a disposal bag when walking your pets.

Council does provides courtesy pet tidy bags in limited locations around the region.

Using a bag to collect your pet's droppings is easy:

  • Collect a bag from a pet tidy bag dispenser (or take your own bag)
  • Use the bag like a glove to pick up your pets droppings
  • Turn the bag inside out so that the contents are on the inside
  • Securely tie the bag
  • Dispose of in an appropriate general waste bin.
  • If your local pet tidy bag dispenser is empty, please contact Council for refilling. 

More information on dogs in public places:

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