Suttons Beach Park (including Youth Park) - Redcliffe

Suttons Beach


Marine Parade, Redcliffe

With great views overlooking Moreton Island this park is filled with large lawn areas and shady trees. With many picnic facilities, shelters, barbeques and playground equipment, it is a popular destination for families on weekends and in peak seasons.

During events at Suttons Beach, specific restrictions apply to the supply and sale of food and beverages. For further information please contact council.


  • Beach access
  • Car park
  • Electric BBQ
  • Park bench
  • Playground (not fenced)
  • Picnic set
  • Rubbish bin
  • Shelter
  • Toilets
  • Water fountain

Park bookings

This park has the following areas available for bookings:

Overall site map

View an overall site map of the areas available for booking.
Map [PDF 1.3MB]

Wedding area

This large grassed lawn overlooks Moreton Bay. 20m x 20m.
Fact sheet | Wedding application | Map [PDF 850KB]
Suttons Beach - Wedding area (Photo 1)   Suttons Beach - Wedding area (Photo 2)   

Event area 1 - North

This open grassed area has limited shade provided by trees and includes a small playground and picnic facilities. Car parking is approximately 100 metres away. 130m x 25m.
How to apply | Map [PDF 1.2MB]
Suttons Beach - Event area 1 (Photo 1)   Suttons Beach - Event area 1 (Photo 2)   

Event area 2 - Surf Life Saving

This thin strip of shady grass is located between the Suttons Beach northern picnic shelters and Redcliffe Surf Life Saving Club. There are amenities and picnic facilities located in the adjacent parkland.  80m x 10m.
How to apply | Map [PDF 1.3MB]
Suttons Beach - Event area 2 (Photo 1)   Suttons Beach - Event area 2 (Photo 1)   

Event area 3 - Beach Area

This beach area is located in front of the restaurant precinct. There are stairs only to the beach area, although car ramp access is available for events. Toilets are available in the adjacent restaurant area. Amenities and picnic facilities are available in the adjoining areas of the park. 80m x 20m.
How to apply | Map [PDF 1.7MB]

Event area 4 - South

This shady grassed area has picnic facilities. Amenities and a large playground are located in adjacent parkland.  150m x 25m.
How to apply | Map [PDF 1.2MB]
Suttons Beach - Event area 4 (Photo 1)   Suttons Beach - Event area 4 (Photo 2)   

Please note: Wedding areas can only be booked for weddings or similar services via the wedding application form linked to the relevant park webpage. Event areas are only available for event bookings. For further information regarding holding an event in the Moreton Bay region visit organising an event.

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