Landscaping & gardening

Plants and trees are the greatest air-conditioners and they operate for free.

By understanding environmental approaches to landscaping and gardening, you create shade and oxygen for future generations.

Native trees & plants

Native plants are a crucial part of what makes our district and Australia unique.

With our wide variety of land forms - from the mountains to the bay - we can boast an abundance and diversity of unique plants. The numerous vegetation types of the district support a variety of species from tall gum trees to small flowering herbs.

All residents are encouraged to keep native vegetation on their property. Why not use local native plants in your garden? Local native plants give local landscape character and provide habitat for native animals.

Council encourages the planting of local native plants. The use of locally native plants in plantings is highly recommended.

Advantages of native species

The advantage of using locally native species include:

  • They are adapted to local conditions
  • They will not become a weed
  • They provide appropriate food for local fauna
  • You are preserving local genetics

Council can provide you with a species list of plants local to your area.

Compiling the plant list

Regional Ecosystems provide the basis for species selection for native plant lists.

Using the species lists to select plants for your garden and other plantings makes sure that we are not introducing weeds and you provide food and shelter for native animals and birds. 

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