Landscaping & gardening

Plants and trees are the greatest air-conditioners and they operate for free.

By understanding environmental approaches to landscaping and gardening, you create shade and oxygen for future generations and help preserve the biodiversity of the Moreton Bay region.

Native trees & plants

Native plants are a crucial part of what makes our region and Australia unique.

With our wide variety of landforms and vegetation types, this region contains an abundance and diversity of unique plants, from tall gum trees to small flowering herbs.

Council encourages residents to keep native vegetation on their property. In addition why not use native plants that occur naturally in Moreton Bay (local native plants) in your garden and other plantings.

Advantages of local native species

The advantages of using locally native species include:

  • These species are adapted to local conditions;
  • They will not become weeds;
  • They provide local landscape character;
  • They provide appropriate food for local fauna and can encourage fauna into your garden; and
  • By using local native species you are preserving the genetics of the species and helping to ensure its survival into the future.

Compiling the plant list

In Queensland, native vegetation is classified into ‘Regional Ecosystems’ to describe the different vegetation types. These Regional Ecosystems provide the basis for species selection for native plant lists. See Regional Ecosystems for more information.

Council can provide you with a list of plant species local to your area based on the Regional Ecosystems that occur there.

Visiting nearby reserves and parks with similar soils and observing the native plants present can also assist in selecting local native species to plant.

Sourcing native plants

Local native plants are available for sale from community nurseries for gardens, landscaping and revegetation projects.

There are four Council supported community nurseries that supply local native plants to the public, see community plant nurseries for more information.

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