Urban Design

Urban Design Charter

What is urban design

Urban Design relates to the way people use towns and neighbourhoods. It seeks to design places that provide environments that are of a quality to ensure people live, work and play efficiently and comfortably.

We all use the built environment in varying ways. We connect with it every day. We rely on its ability to provide for our needs, enhance our lives and improve our futures. We all have a stake in making sure it works the best for us.

Council’s urban design goal is therefore to consider how to make places that work best for us, from the region as a whole to neighbourhoods and precincts and to individual public spaces, streets and buildings.

The Council considers that better urban places, contributing to strong and sustainable communities will only be developed and maintained as a result of collaboration between built environment professionals, government and the community.

Why urban design

People use the urban environments of the region. They use the centres, streets, civic spaces, community facilities, neighbourhoods, transport and shopping services that provide the urban settings in which they live, work, play, learn, shop and more. The design and planning of the different parts of the urban environment, and how they are connected and interact, are central to how well these urban environments meet the communities needs.

The urban design of the region significantly affects its economic vitality, community well-being and environmental sustainability. It influences how well our regional community will be able to respond proactively to important trends such as climate change, changing lifestyles, innovative communications technology and an ageing community.

To provide the basis for better design in the region Council has developed an Urban Design Charter with 9 Values that it believes are essential to developing Quality Places.

Key values

  • Vital
  • Distinctive
  • Creative
  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Responsive
  • Adaptable
  • Connected
  • Accessible

Urban design charter

The Urban design charter [PDF 6.6MB] outlines Council's commitment to making our region more liveable through urban design.

Street place & movement guidelines

A framework for quality streetscapes in the Moreton Bay Region.

Urban Design streetscape

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