Cultural Strategy

Maximising Potential: Cultural Strategy 2015-2018

The Maximising Potential: Cultural Strategy 2015 - 2018 represents a shared council and community vision for the continued growth and development of arts and culture within the Moreton Bay region up to and including the year 2018.

It aims to maximise the community benefits achieved from council’s existing suite of cultural services and facilities, as well as guide the development of new initiatives that respond to the community needs and aspirations.

As a region with many established creative industries, the Maximising Potential: Cultural Strategy 2015 - 2018 places a strong focus on the growth and support of these industries as well as the development of local cultural tourism opportunities.

In the Moreton Bay Regional Community Plan 2011 - 2021 Council’s vision for the regions is: A thriving region of opportunity where our communities enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

Maximising Potential: Cultural Strategy 2015 - 2018 continues to contribute to this vision by building capacity of the sector and by raising the profile of cultural facilities and programs throughout the region and beyond.

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