What is graffiti?

Graffiti is the deliberate application of messages or images on property, without the permission of the rightful owner. Council recognises that graffiti is a crime and that responding to it is a whole-of-community responsibility.

Council has a zero tolerance policy in relation to its own buildings and facilities and encourages residents to implement their own anti-graffiti measures at home.

What do I do if I have graffiti on my property?

If your property is affected by graffiti it should be reported to police in the first instance. Contact Policelink by phone on 131 444 or follow the link to for more information, including how to report on-line or download the Policelink app.

The next step is to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.

What assistance can I get from Council?

Council offers a range of assistance to residents targeted by graffiti and also to individuals and groups interested in performing volunteer community graffiti removal. Free community graffiti removal kits can be collected from Customer Service Centres or contact Council for further advice on removal and prevention strategies and other information.

What do I do if I see graffiti on Council property?

Residents can notify Council directly to report graffiti on Council property and arrangements will be made for it to be removed. Council is also proudly partnering with State Government's GraffitiSTOP program which offers a centralised reporting and referral service that enables residents to phone, SMS or report graffiti online. Contact the Hotline number - 1300 GRAFFITI or 1300 472 334, or log onto the website

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