Tree clearing

The clearing of trees and vegetation on Council or State controlled land, including roadsides, is an offence.

Roadside clearing & spraying

Roadside clearing is carried out by Council (when required):

  • to improve visibility at corners and intersections
  • for brush cutting along gravel roads
  • for minor weedeating

Council is responsible for vegetation clearing and spraying of:

  • Pathways
  • Kerb and channel (gutter)
  • Culvert headwalls
  • Traffic islands / median strips
  • Under guardrails
  • Around guideposts
  • Open drains and table drains (only on direction)

On private property

Vegetation clearing falls within the definition of development (operational works) under the Integrated Planning Act 1997.

Landholders on freehold or leasehold land may require a permit to undertake vegetation clearing. Some developments also have specific development covenants or conditions of approval, such as building envelopes, that may restrict vegetation clearing.

Landholders proposing to clear vegetation could be subject to the below legislation. Please contact these agencies before clearing any vegetation:

  1. Vegetation Management Act 1999 
    Contact the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (link opens in new window)
  2. Koala Conservation Plan 
    Contact the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (link opens in new window)
  3. Pine Rivers Plan (Pine Rivers district)
    Tree clearing not associated with any form of development may require a development permit for operational work. Reference should be made to the Biodiversity Overlay Code and the Waterways Overlay Code contained in the Pine Rivers Plan to determine if an application is required. The need for an application will relate to the location and nature of the clearing proposal. For more information contact Council.
  4. Local Law - Tree Preservation (Pine Rivers and Redcliffe districts)
    Refer to Council's local laws, under trees & vegetation. For more information contact Council.

If your property is affected by any of the above legislation, you cannot damage any native tree, shrub or plant unless you have prior written approval from the above, or the clearing is listed as an exemption.

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