School education programs

All schools and community groups in the Moreton Bay region can access the following free education programs.

Environmental education

The schools environmental program for 2016 provides an overview of the lessons that are available at Council’s environmental education centres.

All schools are encouraged to book into these quality presentations and education packages. For more information download the Schools Environmental Program [PDF 1.4MB] and Education for Sustainability - Teachers Guide [PDF 915KB]

Local history education resources

Teacher and student local history resources with Australian Curriculum links for Year 5. The resources include lesson plans and library based activities to guide students through the research process and images, photographs, maps and glossaries, to help students and teachers understand significant events in Moreton Bay’s history.

View Local history education resources

Waste education

Council provides the community, schools and early learning centres with an award winning waste education program to reduce waste going to landfill and increase the recovery of our valuable resources.
The waste education program is provided to the community with training and information:

  • to raise awareness of the impacts of unsustainable and wasteful behaviour on the community and our environment, and
  • to implement easy strategies to change existing patterns of behaviour.  

Schools program  

Evaluation forms

Pledge of commitment forms

Early learning centres and kindergartens 


Review the Case Studies of Schools, early learning centres and community groups that have successfully implemented waste reduction and resource recovery programs with Council’s free waste education program.

Travel Choice Schools Program

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Travel Choice Schools Program (TCSP) delivers a range of sustainable transport initiatives targeted at reducing traffic congestion in and around school communities by increasing the number of families walking, cycling, carpooling and using public transport to travel to and from school.

For more information please see the Travel Choice Schools Program.

Safer School Travel Program

The MBRC Safer School Travel Program is a behaviour change program that aims to address traffic related issues around schools during peak times through an educational and awareness approach.

For more information please see the Safer School Travel Program

Energy Efficiency; Alternative Energy

Personal actions and choices play a large part in energy conservation. Energy efficiency kits are now available at your library to provide students/community with lifelong skills to assess efficiencies and make wise choices to conserve energy.

The energy efficiency kits will assist students and the community to audit their consumption of energy, or develop an Energy Efficiency Action Plans.

Students and the community can develop scientific and technology research skills and have the opportunity to incorporate these in assessment work, real world monitoring of the environment, measurement of sustainability and School Environmental Management Plans.

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