Unitywater is the water distribution and retail business serving Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast communities.

Core business

Unitywater’s core business is to:

  • Source and deliver treated water to residents and businesses
  • Collect, treat and dispose of sewage and trade waste
  • Operate sewage treatment plants and pumping stations
  • Maintain water supply and sewerage infrastructure and assets
  • Issue and manage accounts for residential and business customers
  • Provide information for residents and businesses in relation to:
    • Water leaks, meters and usage
    • Problems with water taste and discolouration
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Recycled water
    • Water restrictions (link opens in new window)
    • Greywater

How do I contact Unitywater?

Visit the Unitywater website at www.unitywater.com.au (link opens in new window) for full details.

More information

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