Weddings or similar services in parks

Twenty-four (24) sites have been identified in council parks that are suitable for weddings or similar services. These parks are indicated by the ‘rings’ symbol.

Things to consider

  • Does the site meet all of your needs? Bookings are required at least 3 months prior to event and may be made up to 12 months in advance
  • Bookings are tentative until the application is assessed and a Booking Approval letter is issued
  • A confirmed booking will ensure that there are no other bookings for the same time and in the same location. The approval does not guarantee exclusive use of the area, however the Booking Approval letter may assist in encouraging other park users to vacate the area should the need arise
  • Bookings are for a maximum of 3 hours, including set up/pack up time
  • The booking only applies to the single area that you have selected
  • Receptions and after parties are not permitted at these locations
  • Council does not provide special mowing or cleaning of the bookable sites
  • Vehicle access to bookable sites for weddings or similar services is not permitted
  • View weddings and similar services in parks fact sheet 

How to apply

Steps to applying:

  1. Find the suitable park to tentatively book
  2. Using the ‘wedding booking’ link attached to the suitable park, complete the online booking (at least 3 months prior to the event and up to 24 months in advance).
  3. Pay an application processing fee of  $98.00

Other social and private events

Bookings are not required unless your event involves any of the when to apply to hold an event criteria, then an event application will need to be completed, see organising an event

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