Employment with Council

Happy and motivated work teams don’t just happen by chance!

By adopting the best that human resources management has to offer Council has positioned itself well to face future challenges. A stable and motivated workforce is one of the keys to meeting the demands of our rapidly growing region.


As part of its commitment to a healthy work environment all new staff members undertake a comprehensive induction upon commencement, which covers:

  • Our region
  • Our workforce
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Discrimination and harassment 
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Equity and diversity

The impression our staff leave on our clients is one good indicator in determining whether Council’s human resource strategies are working.

Vacant positions

Vacant positions advertised on Council’s website and are open to anyone with appropriate skills / qualifications / experience. Vacancies may also be advertised in local and regional newspapers.

Moreton Bay Regional Council only accepts applications that are in response to a specific advertised position. Vacant positions must be applied for online through this site, unless stated otherwise.


Council at times offers apprenticeships in various areas including fitting and turning, mechanical engineering, electrical, carpentry and plumbing.

Vacancies are also advertised in local newspapers, job network agencies and on Council’s website.

Also see Council workforce programs.


Traineeships, normally for a one-year duration, are available in some areas of Council from time to time.

Vacancies are advertised through job network agencies within the region, local newspapers and on Council's website. A full list of job network agencies can be obtained from Centrelink.

Also see Council workforce programs.

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