Property ownership

A collection of information particularly for home and property owners.

  • Noise control

    Noise restrictions and a list of responsible regulating authorities.

  • Dividing fences

    Reach agreement prior to constructing any dividing fence. Fences higher than two metres require Council permits

  • Drainage & stormwater

    Residents must not divert the natural run-off of stormwater. The downstream owner must accept natural run-off but may install a properly designed drainage system to reduce the effect on their property.

  • Building & plumbing

    Building applications are required for all new building work. Also includes information on minor buildings and development permits

  • Property access

    Council is making it easier to build a driveway. There are a series of standard conditions which apply to constructing a driveway

  • Fires

    Prohibited fires, lighting open fires, barbecues and additional requirements.

  • Footpaths

    Footpaths are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and residents must not obstruct in a manner that creates a nuisance or safety issues.

  • Health & safety

    Tips for a safe holiday, beach patrols, immunisation, mosquito control, contaminated food, neighbourhood watch, road safety and emergency contact numbers.

  • House numbers

    Prominently displayed house numbers are essential to assist in the efficient delivery of mail and other services and aid the speedy location of an address in the event of an emergency.

  • New residents

    Information to help you settle in and familiarise yourself with your local area.

  • Overgrown land

    It is the responsibility of owners of vacant land to keep their properties free of long grass and weeds, which could harbour vermin.

  • Make a payment

    How to make a payment. Choose the service you would like to pay eg. rates, licence, animal renewals, park bookings, hall hire, debtors, infringement notices.

  • Street lighting

    The majority of streetlight and / or pole maintenance on road reserves and along paths through and around a park is the responsibility of Energex.

  • Termites & vermin

    Residents should take precautions against possible infestation of termites in their homes, whether they be weatherboard or brick.

  • Waste and recycling

    Council operates 12 resource recovery and waste management facilities in the region, offering a range of waste and recycling services.

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