Road defects

Roads are subject to deterioration due to vehicular traffic and changing weather conditions. Road defects can include:

  • Potholes
  • Cracking
  • Bulging
  • Large depressions
  • Ruts 

Many problems result from the presence of excessive moisture in the pavement or subgrade. Bitumen surfacing has a limited life span.

Report to council any road defects. Details would be appreciated on the following:

  • Is it a hole, crack, bulge or depression?
  • Whereabouts on the road?
    Edge, shoulder, wheel path, centre, runs the width / length of the road
  • Near which intersection / landmark?
  • How deep? - compared to basketball, cricket ball, car tyre etc.
  • What is the diameter, width / length of the defect?

State controlled roads

The roads listed below running through or within Moreton Bay Regional Council, are the responsibility of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Note: Highway entry and exit ramps and overpasses are also the responsibility of the Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads.

  • Albany Creek Road
  • Anzac Avenue
  • Beerburrum Road
  • Bribie Island Road 
  • Bruce Highway
  • Beachmere Road
  • D’Aguilar Highway
  • Dayboro Road
  • Deception Bay Road
  • Eatons Crossing Road
  • Elizabeth Avenue (Anzac Avenue to Amersham Street)
  • Elizabeth Avenue (King Street to Hornibrook Esplanade)
  • Gympie Road
  • Hornibrook Esplanade
  • Kilcoy-Beerwah Road
  • King St (Beerburrum Road to D’Aguilar Highway)
  • Linkfield Road
  • Lower King St (Beerburrum Road to Bruce Highway)
  • Main Street, Samford
  • Maleny-Stanley River Road
  • Morayfield Road
  • Mt. Glorious Road
  • Mt. Mee Road
  • Mt. Samson Road, Samford Valley (only between Eatons Crossing Road and Main Street, Samford)
  • Old Gympie Road, Burpengary
  • Old Northern Road  (excluding the section from Wruck Crescent to Greensill Road, Albany Creek)
  • Oxley Avenue (Hornibrook Esplanade to Klingner Rd)
  • Pumicestone Road (Section from the Bruce Highway to Toorbul township)
  • Samford Road
  • Snook Street (Amersham St to King St)
  • South Pine Road (excluding Everton Hills and Arana Hills)

In urban areas and on the roads listed, the Department of Transport & Main Roads is responsible for infrastructure, markings and roadside furniture from constructed kerb on one side of the road to constructed kerb on the opposite side of the road.

In rural areas and on the roads listed, the Department of Transport & Main Roads is responsible for infrastructure, markings, roadside furniture, and ground, tree & shrub maintenance from the property boundary on one side of the road to the property boundary on the opposite side of the road.

Traffic signals

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic signals and associated infrastructure.

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