Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

The Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is a peaceful green haven right in the heart of the city - providing a quick escape from the rigours of everyday life. It is the perfect place to have a picnic, celebrate a birthday or simply enjoy a quiet moment in the beautiful surrounds.

Redcliffe Botanic Gardens HutOnce a cow paddock, this site has been transformed by the Council and local community groups into a natural wonderland boasting a wide variety of native Australian plants.

The Gardens have a multitude of picturesque and shaded areas, which provide a popular place for gatherings. There are shelters, seating and drinking fountains provided at various locations as well as facilities for people with a disability.

Dogs not permitted.

Free Entry

Contact details

  • Henzell Street, Redcliffe
  • Open: 6.00am - 6.00pm 7 days a week
  • Contact Council for information

Main features

Peninsula herb gardenRedcliffe Botanic Gardens - Tarragon

The herb garden is extremely popular with visitors and widely regarded as one of the best collections of herbs in Queensland. The herb garden boasts over 500 species of culinary, medicinal, industrial and native herbs including many rare and delicate species.

The garden is maintained by the Peninsula Herb group, who may be found working in the garden on Mondays. Members are also available to give tours of the garden by arrangement.

Chorizema spring

This popular water feature has been designed to simulate a natural pond system that is created from a spring that has formed under rocks. "Chorizema" is the name of a Redcliffe wild flower, which derives from a Greek meaning "dance for joy near water." Sometimes the graceful tree frog Litoria gracilenta can be seen perched nearby.

Moreton region rainforestRedcliffe Botanic Gardens - Spring

This shady area occupies approximately one quarter of the Botanic Gardens and is scattered with more than 250 kinds of rainforest species native to the Moreton Bay region – including Black Bean, Monkey's Ear Rings, Strangler Fig, Smell O' the Bush, Bolly Gum, Flint Wood and Steel Wood.

Wallum heathland

"Wallum" is the aboriginal word for a Banksia (aemula). This area features plants including the Banksia, which make up the Wallum Heathland regions of coastal south-east Queensland. These plants provide a spectacular wild flower display in spring and early summer.

Quota garden & amphitheatreRedcliffe Botanic Gardens - Plant

This native garden is maintained by the Society for Growing Australian Plants and are designed to provide a floral and sensory experience of form, colour, texture and fragrance.

The amphitheatre is popular for weddings, parties and education groups. To the north, glimpses of the Glasshouse Mountains can be seen. This area is available for bookings.

How to get here

The Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is just 10 minutes from Brisbane's northern suburbs and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD via the Gateway Arterial.

If you are coming from the:Redcliffe Botanic Gardens - Map

  • South - Cross the Houghton Highway, follow the Hornibrook Esplanade and then turn left into Victoria Avenue
  • North - follow Anzac Avenue to Redcliffe and turn right into Victoria Avenue
  • Entry to the Botanic Gardens is via George or Henzell Streets.

An extensive network of walking paths allows easy access to most areas. General parking is available in George Street with off-street access for people with a disability and disabled parking spaces available from Henzell Street.

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