Council infrastructure

In determining siting of your structure, you will need to ensure that there are no council owned underground services or easements in favour of council that may affect your building work, e.g. stormwater mains and drainage easements.

If unsure, contact Council and they will advise you of any council infrastructure on your property. A fee will be charged if you require a copy of a plan identifying the location of this infrastructure.

Building over or close to a main or within a drainage easement

Where building work is proposed to be constructed in close proximity to Council's stormwater mains or drainage easements, an approval may be required from Council's Building and Development Compliance Unit.

An application would usually be required in the following situations:

  • Constructing a retaining wall within a drainage easement
  • Altering levels (cut or fill) within a drainage easement or overland flow path
  • Erecting a retaining wall, building or other structure within 1.5m of a Council stormwater pipe

Council does not generally approve the erection of buildings over or in drainage easements.

Please note: As of 1 July 2014, all applications in relation to building over or adjacent to a service that incorporates a Unitywater sewer main (which cannot meet the provisions under Queensland Development Code - Mandatory Part 1.4 -  Building over or near relevant infrastructure) are to be directly referred to Unitywater. Council will cease to be the customer liaison point for this service as this function will be undertaken by the owner of the asset - Unitywater.

Council will continue to process applications for building over or adjacent to a service where it incorporates a council stormwater main or a registered easement i.e. overland flow drainage path.

Location of service easements

To find out if you have a service easement on your property or to obtain details of an easement on your property, visit the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for your closest Service Centre and contact details.

Additional information about the "as constructed" location of sewer, stormwater or water mains may be obtained from Council or Unitywater as appropriate.

Dial Before You Dig

Moreton Bay Regional Council can process customer enquiries received through Dial Before You Dig for the area within the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Maps showing the location of Council’s stormwater pipe infrastructure are provided.

To access this free service:

As-constructed plans providing detailed infrastructure information e.g. location, level, size, pipe material etc. are usually available on payment of the relevant fee.

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