Dakabin Local Area Plan


The purpose of this policy is to state planning provisions for the future development of land within Dakabin and to guide development and the provision of services in an orderly and sustainable manner.

The statement of planning policy expresses the policy of Council for achieving sustainable well-planned development of the designated greenfield areas in Dakabin and will be used by the Council in assessing applications for development.

Figures and maps

The figures, maps and appendices referenced in the document are available to download from the below table, in the order they are appear within the document.

Local Area Plan Figures
FIGURE 1Dakabin Study Area
FIGURE 2Dakabin Land Use [PDF 235KB]
FIGURE 3Dakabin Transport & Movement System [PDF 190KB]
FIGURE 3.1Alma Road Deviation to Narangba Road
FIGURE 3.2Alma Road Deviation - Long Section
FIGURE 3.3Alma Road Cross Sections
FIGURE 3.4Typical Cross Section for Alma Rd section of the East-West Connection
FIGURE 3.5Alignment & Typical Cross Section for Bruce Highway section of East-West Connection
FIGURE 3.6Development Addresses Higher Order Streets & Roads
FIGURE 3.7Development Addresses Public Open Space
FIGURE 3.8Development Addresses Public Open Space & Higher Order Streets
FIGURE 3.9Local Activity Centre

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