Trail dirt bike riding

While trail bikes can be a great leisure activity, there are strict rules about where they can be ridden. With its growing popularity and the available land reducing due to urban growth, trail bikes are beginning to cause nuisance and environmental damage.

Where to ride your bike

Most legal places to ride unregistered bikes are located in private motor parks and motorcycle club tracks. State forests and forest reserves only permit leisurely riding on formed roads by fully licensed riders on registered bikes.

  • Motorbike club tracks - riding fees apply, prices vary
  • Forest Reserves & State Forests - only licensed riders on registered bikes allowed

Places not to ride your bike

The police and council administer the laws regulating illegal riding of trail bikes including unlicensed, unregistered and unroadworthy trail bikes. Always obey posted signs. 

It is illegal to ride dirt bikes in:

  • parks
  • bushland
  • easements, or
  • other open spaces


Trail bikes can be extremely noisy, particularly 4-stroke models. The best way to avoid a complaint being lodged with Council or the Police is to ensure your bike complies with the relevant noise standards. For more information see Noise control.

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