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Moreton Bay membership

A Moreton Bay membership allows you to sign up for the following services: 

  • MoretonAlert
  • Business Directory
  • Cultural Directory
  • Local Authors
  • eNewsletters

Moreton Bay eServices

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s eServices can be used for a range of online interactions with Council.

Public users (not signed in) can:

  • Pay animal registration renewals, rates, licence renewals, infringement notices and hall or park booking invoices via Mastercard or Visa. Email receipts can be requested at time of payment. 
  • Submit a range of applications, bookings, searches, customer services requests, new animal registration applications and other online forms. Supporting information and links to these services are available throughout the website or refer to eServices Help.

Register for eServices to access additional services: 

You can register as an individual person or a company/organisation.

See more information about registering for eServices.

Cemeteries Database

Search our database for historical records - Council operates 8 cemeteries and 1 memorial garden.


View, download and lodge Council tenders online in a secure environment.
This service provides suppliers with better access to information about Council's business opportunities.

Library website

Permits, licences, registrations & approvals

Information and requirements relating to permits, licences, approvals and registrations for environmentally relevant activities, food premises, personal appearance services, accommodation, advertising signs, caravan parks & camping grounds, commercial swimming pools, entertainment venues & events, filming, footpath dining, roadside vending and business licenses.


Planning & development online   

PD Online provides customers with the ability to track the progress of development applications from lodgement through to determination.  This online tool enables you to search, view and print property information, mapping and the relevant Town Planning Schemes. Select the appropriate district to view provisions and assessment categories for selected uses on a property.


Business directory

Search for local businesses or register your business on the free online business directory.

Community directory 

Search for community organisations, sport and recreation groups, child care centres, service clubs and arts and cultural groups.

Community & economic profiles

Community demographic profile

The community profile provides valuable insights into the local community of the Moreton Bay region. The site profiles the region’s population in terms of age, migration, family types, education, work, housing and relative wellbeing. The community profile also details trends over time and provides benchmark data for the wider region and the state.

Economic profile

The economic profile provides valuable insights into the local economy of the Moreton Bay region. The site profiles the region’s workforce, highlight opportunities for import replacement and capture the value of tourism for the local economy.

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