Council brings international trade delegation to Caboolture

06 June 2017

Trade delegation - feature image
Mayor Allan Sutherland, Councillors Matt Constance, Darren Grimwade and Adam Hain host trade delegation from the Netherlands at the Caboolture Hub.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has represented our region at the Australian Smart Communities Conference last week in Adelaide. 

Mayor Sutherland said the conference provided council with the unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of representatives from technology companies, commercial investors and government agencies from across Australia and the world.

"As a follow-on from the national conference, a high-level delegation from the Netherlands travelled from Adelaide to our region, and were hosted on Friday, 2 June at the Caboolture Hub," Mayor Sutherland said.

The delegation included representatives from:

  • Atos, a leader in digital services with 100,000 employees in 72 countries
  • Paul Budde, from Budde Comm, one of the world's most respected digital consultants 
  • DocWolves, a provider of cloud-based solutions to more than 250 organisations including in France, Holland and Spain 
  • Global Smart City and Community Coalition - not-for-profit organisation with members around the world including Moreton Bay
  • Phillips Lighting Australia, provides lighting solutions including street lighting to operate intelligent networks and other digital solutions 
  • The Economic Team of the Consulate General of the Netherlands, promoting trade between the Netherlands and Australia
  • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, an executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, promoting sustainable development and innovation, both within the Netherlands and abroad.
Trade delegation
Trade delegation

Mayor Sutherland said there had been significant interest in the Moreton Bay Region at the Australian Smart Communities Conference this week with numerous companies seeking out council to discuss the Mill at Moreton Bay project.

"It's no secret the University of the Sunshine Coast's campus at Moreton Bay will be one of the first university campuses built from the ground-up in Australia for the past 20 years - a fact not lost on many of the national businesses, start-ups and technology companies at the conference," the Mayor said.

"Council was absolutely bowled over by the interest from companies seeking out opportunities in our region to test their new technology and prototypes - especially at The Mill at Moreton Bay site.

"There is no doubt this project is starting to build momentum right across the country in the business community - as a catalyst project that offers a real opportunity to deliver a major digital university and community precinct from the ground-up." 

Moreton Bay Regional Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Smart City and Community Coalition - 'GSC3'  on 14 March 2017. 

"Since the MOU signing, the international interest in our region, particularly from the Netherlands, has continued to grow," Mayor Sutherland said. 

"Exposure like this is just so vital for our growing region, as council continues to drive forward with a strong economic plan to attract smart technology, globally-competitive companies and world-class jobs to our region."

Caboolture library
Caboolture library

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