Collins Road, Everton Hills - Fauna Rope Bridges

Council is planning to install two fauna rope bridges across Collins Road at Everton Hills as part of its Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program. 

This project is being undertaken to reduce the incidence of canopy wildlife entering the road corridor at ground level and to improve public safety by reducing the risk of collisions between wildlife and motorists.

Key benefits

Road safety, improve green infrastructure network function and connectivity between Bunyaville Conservation Park & Cabbage Tree creek habitat corridor.


View the Collins Road - fauna roped bridges plan  [PDF 760KB]

About the Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program

Council’s Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program improves road safety for motorists and wildlife by constructing fauna movement underpasses, fauna rope bridges, roadside (animal exclusion) fencing, animal refuge poles, nest box habitat, pavement stencilling for driver awareness, monitoring equipment and habitat enhancement around these capital investments. 

In addition, the green infrastructure network program delivers large-scale tree planting projects (environmental offsets) to counterbalance the impact of council projects; and street tree planting to reduce the urban heat island effect & increase ecological connectivity. 

MBRC Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program 

Delivering environmental, social and economic benefits for Moreton Bay Region.

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