Kremzow Road and Leitchs Road - Pavement Rehabilitation and Intersection Upgrade

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) has identified that the road pavement along a section of Kremzow Road is beginning to fail and that the intersection of Kremzow Road and Leitchs Road is currently operating with increasing congestion and delay. The intersection also has a history of crashes and near-misses. In order to address these issues, the replacement of the road pavement and an upgrade to this intersection is planned to occur in 2017 and 2018. 

This project aims to restore the road to a suitable standard for the large volume of industrial traffic, improve the operation of the traffic signals at the intersection to reduce congestion and delay (especially at peak times) and improve the intersection’s safety. The project also takes into consideration forecast growth in the local area for the next 20 years. 


Kremzow Leitchs area map

Intersection design

The existing Kremzow Road and Leitchs Road intersection is a congested signalised four-way intersection, with two shared approach lanes (shared through/right and through/left) from the west, north and south, and a dedicated right turn lane only on the eastern approach. This configuration limits the ability of Council to implement efficient signal phasing and is beginning to cause congestion and delays in the peak traffic periods. As part of the network of approved multi-combination traffic routes approved by TMR, Kremzow Road and the intersection is authorised for use by multi-combination vehicles up to 25m B-Doubles. Currently there are limited active transport options provided at the intersection.

The design solution is a fully upgraded, signalised intersection with expanded lane layout, including 3 lane approaches from the east, west and north (including dedicated right turn lanes) and 4 lane approach from the south (including dedicated left and right turn lanes), provisions for pedestrians, cyclists, and 25m B-Double access.

Road rehabilitation 

The road pavement of approximately 1,100m of Kremzow Road from 100m west of Terrence Road (outside number 30/31) to 470m west of Pinacle Street (outside Aldi/Caylamax) has been assessed a beginning to deteriorate. Given the importance of Kremzow Road within the Brendale employment centre, it is planned to carry out rehabilitation works to reconstruct the road to ensure that it is able to endure the increasing volume and heavy vehicles daily for the next 20 years.

Planning and design

The project is currently in the planning and design phase. A design has been developed to ensure that a suitable solution can be implemented to cater for the predicted traffic growth and provide improved traffic efficiency for all modes of transport.

Kremzow and Leitchs planning and design map

Project inclusions

The project is to include the installation of:

  • Pavement upgrade of an approximate 1100m length of Kremzow Road from approximately 100m west of Terrence Road (outside number 30/31) to 470m west of Pinacle Street (outside Aldi/Caylamax);
  • Pavement upgrade of an approximate 300m length of Leitchs Road approximately 150m north and south of the Kremzow Road intersection;
  • Upgraded traffic signals;
  • Additional traffic lanes including dedicated turn lanes;
  • Signalised pedestrian crossings across all approaches; 
  • Improved cycle facilities; 
  • Pathway improvements; 
  • Additional landscaping; 
  • Relocation of significant existing utility services.

Project aims

Through these works Moreton Bay Regional Council aims to:  

  • Improve safety for all transport users.
  • To increase the intersection capacity and reduce delays for motorists.
  • Ensure continued efficient intersection operation for road users into the future.
  • Renew the road pavements to provide an improved road corridor suitable for vehicle demands into the future.
  • Improve access for all transport users, including cyclists and pedestrians.


Approximate project timeline

Approximate timelines
Concept design Complete
Design development August 2016
Utility service relocation November 2016 - July 2017 (weather permitting)
Construction July 2017 - Early 2018
Please note that timelines are approximate 

Further information

A copy of project information is available to download as part of the fact sheet [PDF 590KB].

If you would like to find out more about the Kremzow Road and Leitchs Road - Road Rehabilitation and Intersection Upgrade Project, you can:

Additional project information will be provided to the community as each stage progresses.

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