Sutton Street, Redcliffe - Shared Zone Extension and Streetscaping

Project summary

Moreton Bay Regional Council is committed to improving the provision of high quality public spaces that enhance the safety for all people moving throughout Moreton Bay, whether it be walking, cycling or driving.

Proposed upgrade works have been identified for Sutton Street in Redcliffe; between Violet Street and Baker Street. The objective of the project is to extend the existing shared zones on Sutton Street, and to locally improve the quality of the streetscape.

It is proposed that the Sutton Street project will include:

  • An additional pedestrian shared zone crossing, extending between Violet Street and Baker Street. This shared zone will have a similar look and feel to those already in place on Sutton Street.
  • Extension of the 30km/h area speed zone to include the new shared zone area.
  • Upgrading of the Sutton Street streetscape. This will include new footpaths, new street trees and landscaped garden beds, as well as new street furniture.
  • Upgraded lighting and drainage to support the above mentioned works.

As a result of these works, it will be easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road in this section of Sutton Street. Further, the quality of the street environment and pathways will be improved, creating a more attractive and functional environment.

Commencement date

It is anticipated that construction of the shared zone and streetscape upgrades will commence in late 2017. The final date and duration of construction will be determined after the completion of the project design in early 2017. Council will notify stakeholders of the detailed timeframe once it has been finalised.

Further information

View a copy of the concept plan [PDF 1.8MB].

Should you require any further information regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact Council on (07) 3205 0555 or email .

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