Superseded planning schemes

MBRC Planning Scheme

The MBRC Planning Scheme is regularly amended.  Each time an amendment is adopted, a superseded planning scheme is created.

View superseded versions of the MBRC Planning Scheme in effect prior to amendments:

  • Version 1 (prior to Amendment 1 taking effect on 20 June 2016)
  • Version 2 (prior to Alignment amendment 1 with Planning Act 2016 taking effect on 3 July 2017)

Former planning schemes

The Caboolture ShirePlan 2005, PineRiversPlan 2006 and Redcliffe City Planning Scheme 2005 became superseded planning schemes when the new MBRC Planning Scheme came into effect on 1 February 2016.

View the superseded planning scheme documents, maps, planning scheme policies and code templates:

View fact sheets about superseded planning schemes:

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