SEQ Regional Plan

The SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031 is the Queensland Government’s broad land use plan to manage growth and protect the region’s lifestyle and environment. The plan responds to issues such as continued high population growth, traffic congestion, koala protection, climate change and employment generation.

The SEQ Regional Plan allocates land into one of three regional land use categories: Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area, Urban Footprint or Rural Living Area.

Regional landscape and rural production area

Comprising about 85% of the SEQ region, these areas have environmental, conservation, rural production and other non-urban values. The SEQ Regional Plan protects these lands from encroachment by inappropriate development, particularly urban and rural residential development. Any proposal to subdivide land in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area into lots less than 100 hectares (1,000,000m2), is prohibited.

Urban footprint

Land that provides for the region’s urban development needs to 2031. Inclusion of land in the Urban Footprint does not imply that all such lands can be developed for urban purposes. Land not available for development includes land subject to flooding and other constraints. The Urban Footprint accounts for about 13% of the SEQ region.

Rural living area

Land currently designated for rural residential development in local government planning schemes and where such development is permitted under the SEQ Regional Plan. The Rural Living Area accounts for about 2% of the SEQ region.

Locating a property within the SEQ regional plan

Refer to the interactive mapping tool on the Department of State Development and Infrastructure Planning (DSDIP) website to find out which land use category applies to a property within SEQ, and refer to the State planning regulatory provisions (Part F of the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031) available on the DSDIP website for information regarding land use requirements.

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