Building & plumbing

The definition of building work under the Building Act 1975 includes any excavation and filling work associated with the construction of a building or structure.

  • Building

    Building applications are required for all new building work. Also includes information on minor buildings and development permits.

  • Getting approval

    Before starting work on most buildings and structures, a building permit, also known as a 'building approval', 'development approval' and 'building certification' may be required.

  • Swimming pools & spas

    The current property owners needs to ensure certain regulations and criteria be met when including a pool or spa in their property.

  • Where to build

    There are approved locations where structures can be built depending on the property, easements, building envelopes and relevant planning schemes.

  • Plumbing definitions

    Definitions to determine if an application is required for plumbing work.

  • Plumbing applications

    Forms and plans required for plumbing applications submitted to council.

  • Onsite sewerage treatment and disposal

    Used for the treatment and disposal of wastewater and domestic sewerage on properties in unsewered areas.

  • Certificate of classification requirements

    Section 114(3) of the Building Act 1975 requires building owners to obtain a Final Certificate for all Commercial Building Approvals (this includes commercial and residential units) prior to the occupation or use of the building.

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