Swimming pools & spas

Applications and fencing

A pool or spa requires building approval, issued by a private building certifier, if the pool or spa:

  • can be filled with water, to a depth of more than 300 mm;
  • can have a volume of 2000 litres or more;
  • has a filtration system.

Require building approval issued by a private building certifier for the pool and fence.

Some pools sold at department stores and pool shops require approval, always check before buying.

Simple blow up, portable pools may require a building application for the pool and fence from a private building certifier.

The owner of the property is responsible for ensuring their pool safety barrier is compliant with the Pool Fencing Standard; visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website.

Tenants with a portable pool requiring pool fencing are responsible for obtaining approval from a private building certifier.

Pool safety standards

As of 1 December 2015, State Government legislation requires owners of pools and spas to ensure compliance with pool fencing standards and requirements introduced in 2010.

Visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website to confirm the requirements for registering your pool, pool barrier standards, Pool Safety Certificates and your obligations when selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool. For further information, contact QBCC 24/7 by calling 139 333.

On-the-spot fines for non-complying pool fencing

Council can both inspect and issue on-the-spot fines to pool owners who do not have adequate pool fencing.

Damaged, demolished, removed or altering fences

If you intend to make alterations or need to replace a damaged, removed or demolished  pool fence or safety barrier, you may require building development approval from a private building certifier.

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