Where to build

There are approved locations where structures can be built depending on the property, easements, building envelopes and relevant planning schemes. To determine if any restrictions apply please contact a private building certifier or contact Council.


Setbacks for dwelling houses including domestic outbuildings are now generally set by the MBRC Planning Scheme in the relevant codes. Relevant codes include but not limited to:

  • Dwelling house code
  • Rural residential zone code; and
  • Rural zone code

For more information

To find out what the planning scheme means for you:

A private building certifier or Council should be contacted when deciding where to place a structure.

Lodging applications 

Design and siting applications should be lodged prior to any other building or plumbing approvals are issued. 

A private building certifier can lodge this application on a person's behalf.

Applications can be made directly to council on the understanding the applicant provides a copy of the approval to the private certifier. To make an application lodge the amenities & aesthetics or design & siting assessment form and pay the relevant fees.

There are no requirements for an adjoining owner / neighbour to be advised of proposed development however, council may in some instances request a statement from a neighbour. It is always beneficial to communicate with neighbours about any planned development requiring this type of approval.

Building Envelopes

If building within a properties building envelope/designated building area, no building relaxation is required. However; town planning approval is required to build outside the building envelope/designated building area. Applications should be lodged through a private building certifier.


Any structure cannot generally be built within easements, but may be built up to their boundaries.

Under exceptional circumstances, Council may allow a structure to be sited within an easement, provided that written consent from the easement owner is submitted along with the development application. Application should be lodged through a private building certifier.

For a copy of a title plan (registered plan) and/or easement documents, contact the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.


Covenants are created, set and enforced by the original developer and can apply to a group of homes or lots, such as an estate.

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