Town planning

Town planning involves both control of existing and new development, and "strategic planning" to ensure our resources are carefully managed to match our future needs and expectations. Planning is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community.

  • Town planning

    Town Planning involves both control of existing and new development, and "strategic planning" to ensure our resources are carefully managed to match our future needs and expectations.

  • Development applications

    A development application is an application made for consent under the Planning Act 2016 to carry out development. Also includes information on online applications, mandatory criteria and if applications are considered not properly made.

  • Pre-lodgement meetings

    The pre-lodgement meeting provides the opportunity for applicants to raise queries, seek clarification on proposals and for Council Officers to provide advice and identify relevant matters for consideration.

  • Environmental protection

    The Environmental Protection Act 1994 places an obligation on all people to protect the environment. Council has officers authorised under this Act who administer and inspect certain industries and activities to ensure they comply with the Act.

  • Electronic Development Application Lodgement

    The use of the electronic lodgement and fee payment portal is to lodge initial (new) development applications and operational works applications under the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme.

  • 3D Model Submission

    Use of 3D models for assessing certain types of development applications is desired by Moreton Bay Regional Council as it can streamline assessment processes and more effectively identify potential opportunities for the development up front.

  • Endorsement of subdivision plans

    Following the issue of development permits for reconfiguring a lot and operational works, the plan of subdivision (or survey) is required to be 'signed' by Council.

  • Fees & charges

    Online register of fees and charges as adopted by Council. Search or browse for fees.

  • Forms & fact sheets

    A list of all forms and fact sheets available online.

  • MB+ Third Party Certification

    The new expedited application service for plan endorsement was launched July 2016 along with the pilot for low risk operational works permits.

  • New road names

    When a new development is approved in the district, the developer is required to provide names for all the new roads that have been created as part of the development.

  • Online fee calculator

    Some fees may be subject to special terms and conditions when determining the total assessment fee applicable.

  • Property conditions

    Many land constraints are written into the permit to develop the land. The constraints are called "Property (Development) Conditions."

  • Searches & certificates

    Property searches not only provide details on rates and charges, water consumption, house plans, zoning and flood information, but will also give you valuable building information.

  • Submissions

    You can make a submission in support of or in objection to a publicly advertised development application.

  • SEQ Regional Plan

    The SEQ Regional Plan 2005-2026 was adopted on 30 June 2005. Its purpose is to guide the development of South East Queensland through rapid population growth and development, while protecting important natural values and other aspects of the region.

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