Moreton Bay Regional Council seeks to understand the needs of its communities and strives to exceed expectations in meeting those needs. Council's role in providing services can be broken into broad categories - community assets, community services, regulatory services, planning and development services, financial management and operational services.
  • Council meetings

    General and Committee meetings are open and members of the public are welcome to attend to observe proceedings.

  • Local laws

    Local Laws that apply across the Moreton Bay region commenced on 5 August 2011. They supercede those local and subordinate laws of the Caboolture Shire, Pine Rivers Shire and Redcliffe City Councils, all of which have now been repealed.

  • Policies

    A Policy is a statement of strategic intent. It provides Council with a structured framework for consistent and transparent decision-making and actions.

  • Publications Scheme

    Provides details of Council operations, documents available through administrative access and the legal framework within which Council operates.

  • Information Privacy

    A key aspect of democratic governance is the responsible handling of personal information and Moreton Bay Regional Council (Council) is strongly committed to protecting the individual’s right to privacy and protecting your personal information.

  • Right to Information

    Pursuant to the Right to Information Act a person has the right to access information held by Council not available via Councils Publication Scheme.

  • Queensland ombudsman

    The Ombudsman investigates complaints about the actions and decisions of state and local government agencies or their staff.

  • Petition to Council

    A petition is a formal request used to lobby a law-making body such as local government. It may request an amendment to general law or the review of an administrative decision.

  • Administrative action complaints process

    Council has established a policy and framework for dealing with and resolving administrative action complaints.

  • Infringement notices and payments

    Penalty infringement notices (PIN) can be issued for a breach of a Council local law or a breach of the state law.

  • Fraud and Corruption Control Framework

    Moreton Bay Regional Council adopts a zero tolerance on fraud and corruption across all levels of operation. As an organisation, we are committed to maintaining a culture of honesty and integrity, and fostering an ethical environment and culture.

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