Conveyancing searches

In addition to the below searches council strongly encourages prospective homebuyers to also have independent building inspections, using an experienced person, accredited with the Building Services Authority, to ensure the house is structurally sound.

Complying pool fence inspections can also be done by Council to ensure that the pool fencing meets current legislative requirements.

Requesting a search

Register for Moreton Bay eServices to request searches online or complete and return the appropriate form below.

Types of searches

Property purchasers are advised to be aware of the timeframes to complete the searches especially in the event of a short settlement period.

  • Property search (no registration required)
    Contains all rating levies and credits, property conditions, building applications and town planning zone. Note:Does not include flooding information.
  • Name & address search (no registration required)
    Details of a property owner including the property owner’s name and postal address.
  • Planning & development certificates
    Planning and development certificates contain information about how the relevant planning scheme affects a property as of the date the certificate is requested. The types of certificates and the information they provide:
    • Limited planning & development certificate
      (section 738, Sustainable Planning Act 2009) includes information specifically relating to the property in respect to planning scheme provisions, any outstanding infrastructure charges, state planning provisions and designations.
    • Standard planning & development certificate
      (section 739, Sustainable Planning Act 2009) includes the information provided in a limited planning and development certificate plus a copy of every decision notice or negotiated decision notice for a development approval that has not lapsed; details of any deemed approval; details of any decision to approve or refuse an application to amend a planning scheme; details of any continuing approval (under repealed IPA, section 6.1.23(1)(a) to (d)); copy of any information recorded in the infrastructure charges register; details of any minor change to the development approval; copy of any judgement or order of the Planning and Environment Court about the development approval; copy of any agreement about a condition of the development approval; copy of any infrastructure agreement; and description of each proposed amendment of a planning scheme (not yet adopted).
    • Full planning & development certificate
      (section 740, Sustainable Planning Act 2009) includes the information provided within both a limited and standard planning and development certificate plus, where a development approval with conditions is currently in force, a statement about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of each condition; if an infrastructure agreement is in place – details of the nature and extent of any obligations under the agreement that have not been fulfilled and details of the giving of any security and whether there are any outstanding payments; advice of any prosecution for a development offence that the Council is aware of and proceedings for a prosecution. 
  • Flood level information
    Download a free online report that describes flooding on a property. 
  • Health (licensed premises) search
    Contains all property notes, change of ownership fee included, search of council records for last order or current status and inspection of premises with copy of compliance results
  • Building & Plumbing searches

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