Community leasing

Moreton Bay Regional Council has a wide range of facilities which are made available for not-for-profit community organisations to occupy through a range of tenure agreements.

New regional community leasing policy

Council has recently adopted its first regional community leasing policy which will create equity between tenure agreements held by community organisations over Council owned or controlled land.

A number of factsheets have been prepared to provide some additional information regarding the new community leasing policy..

For organisations that currently have tenure, Council will be in contact to provide additional information relating to the renewal or re-negotiation of your agreement under the terms and conditions of the new policy.

If you have any questions in regards to the new community leasing policy, please contact Council.

Current tenants

Renewal of tenure agreements

Organisations wishing to renew their tenure agreement/s with Council must complete the community leasing renewal application form and provide the required paperwork.

Maintenance requests

Refer to your tenure arrangement for maintenance responsibilities. If the maintenance responsibility lies with Council, submit a request for maintenance.

Improvements and alterations

Organisations wishing to make any improvements or alterations to their lease, licence or permit to occupy area must first seek Council’s approval through the improvement works process.

Applications can either be lodged manually by completing the hard copy application form, or through the online application process:

The Community Leasing team will consult with your local Councillor, as well as a number of internal stakeholders, about the proposed works. This process can take up to four weeks to complete and so this timeframe should be kept in mind when planning any works.

As well as receiving Council’s approval as landlord through the improvement works process, you may also need to get approval from Council and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for development or infrastructure changes to your leased or licensed facility.

You need to go through the same building approval process as if you were making the changes on private land.

Sports Field Permits

In accordance with the Community Leasing Policy, sports organisations will be required to hold a three year permit over sports fields which will provide access to the fields for training, fixtures and other sporting events. Sports organisations will be required to apply online and request the days and times that they need access to the fields.

Council will then assess your application, allocate times of use for a three year period and prepare permit documents for signing. Council will contact your organisation to advise when you need to submit an application for a permit.

Please note that if your organisation also has access to a clubhouse or other buildings, tenure for these facilities will be provided by way a separate tenure agreement.

Tenure conditions

Your organisation should be familiar with the terms and conditions of your tenure arrangement to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the agreement. In particular your organisation should ensure it is meeting its requirements in terms of maintenance, insurance, fees and charges and obtaining necessary Council approvals.

To have a copy of your organisation’s tenure agreement posted to you, send a request on your organisation’s letterhead to:

Community Leasing Team
Moreton Bay Regional Council
PO Box 159

Advice of changes

Your community organisation should advise Council of any changes to committee members and contact details to ensure that Council has up to date information to assist in the management of your tenure arrangement.

To update your community organisation’s details with Council, please contact Council.

Prospective tenants


To be eligible to obtain a lease or licence for a Council facility, your community organisation must be:

  • A community organisation (that is an association whose primary object is cultural, sporting, recreational, educational or community service purposes and whose constitution or rules provide that its income, profits and assets may only be applied to the promotion of its objects and may not be applied to the payment of dividends or distributions to its members);
  • Able to demonstrate its ability to meet the financial obligations under the form of tenure sought; and
  • Proposing to use the land for sporting, recreational, cultural, educational or other community service purposes.

Expressions of interest

Generally when Council has a facility available for tenure, an expression of interest (EOI) process is conducted to identify and determine the most suitable tenant. In some instances Council may target EOIs from particular community organisations that meet specific community needs.

Following the due date for EOI applications, Council will assess all submissions against the eligibility and key selection criteria to select a suitable tenant.

Expressions of interest are advertised in the local newspaper/s and on Council’s website.

Organisations wishing to be notified when a council facility becomes available should register their interest by completing the Community Leasing – Facility Waiting List application.

Applications will be assessed by a range of stakeholders within Council. Please note the completion of this form does not guarantee that your organisation will receive tenure.

More information

For further information please:

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