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Provide feedback regarding your experience with the ResourcEd Schools Waste Education Program, along with information about your school’s current waste minimisation practices.

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1. How did you hear about the ResourcEd Schools Waste Education Program? 

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2. Why did you decide to participate in the ResourcEd Schools Waste Education Program?


3. Please rate the presentation of the following items 

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4. How would you rate the education facilitator? 


5. Are you interested in the ResourcEd Schools Waste Education Program presenting on another waste related theme?

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6. Can you suggest ways we could improve the presentation in the future?


7. Does your school/classroom use composting systems?
8.Which composting system does you school use?


9. Does your school/classroom use worm farming systems?
10. What worm farming systems does your school use?

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11. What organic materials does your school/classroom compost/worm farm? 

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12.What other waste minimisation activities does your school / classroom practice?
13. Council’s ‘School Waste Minimisation Program’ (SWMP) is a program that endeavours to assist regional schools to implement best practice in recycling & waste minimisation. If you would like to improve your schools recycling and waste minimisation we recommend you join the SWMP. Would you like more information regarding the SWMP?

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