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Moreton Bay Regional Council has launched Seven Energy Saver Groups to reduce energy consumption across 24 community facilities in the Moreton Bay Region by 20 per cent.

Seven Energy Saver Groups will reduce energy consumption by introducing a series of energy saving initiatives and technologies.

Reducing energy consumption will reduce the operating cost of community and public facilities, keeping them as accessible and affordable as possible.

The project is funded in part by the Federal Government’s Commonwealth Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP). Council was successful in securing $2 million under CEEP and these initiatives will also help residents recognise potential ways they can save energy in their own homes.

CEEP is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Seven energy saver groups

This project is being rolled out across seven types of facilities:

  • Civic Centres
  • Community Buildings
  • Tenanted Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Aquatic Centres
  • Operational Depots
  • Public places

Seven Energy Saver Groups will install:

  • Integrated Building Management Systems
  • Air-conditioning plant upgrades and system optimisation
  • LED lighting retrofits with improved zoning and control
  • Variable Speed Drive technology to pumps and motors
  • Kitchen and kitchenette shutdown systems
  • Vending machine optimisation
  • Remote power management for IT systems
  • Public area LED lighting retrofit
  • Recreational area energy efficient BBQ upgrades
  • Comprehensive staff, resident and business communication and engagement programs around energy efficiency

Are there examples of initiatives undertaken?

A range of site-specific initiatives have been implemented to suit the usage of each facility and the existing energy-consuming equipment, to achieve maximum savings. Three examples demonstrate how other businesses may significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs:

How can you benefit from energy efficiency?

Energy efficient products and initiatives can significantly reduce costs for both households and businesses. To find out more on how you can save energy in your home or workplace visit:

  • Reduce Your Impact - Simple ways to find huge savings.
  • Living Smart Homes - Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Regional Council are partners in providing free online information for residents to be more sustainable and reduce their footprint on the local community.
  • The Story of Stuff - understand the bigger picture of why we have so much waste. Warning: This documentary can have a major effect on you in reducing the amount of "stuff" you purchase.

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