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Reports & studies

Active Living Plan 2014 - 2024 [PDF 1.6MB]
This ten-year plan builds upon Council’s Physical Activity Strategic Commitment (2009) and provides a measurable action plan that will enable Council and its key partners to support active and healthy living by members of the Moreton Bay community.

Analysis of Redcliffe De-amalgamation Ratepayer Impacts [PDF 425KB]
This analysis has been commissioned to independently assess the key revenue, cost and rating implications of de-amalgamating the former Redcliffe City Council area from Moreton Bay Regional Council to create a new Redcliffe City Council.

Beachmere Lake Fish Kill Investigation [PDF 2MB]
This report has been prepared for Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) to provide a record of the condition of Beachmere Lake since the fish death incident on 24 November last year and the factors which contributed to the recent second fish deaths incident of 2 to 4 February 2010

Bribie Canals Long Term Maintenance Plan [PDF 3.7MB]
Council has prepared a long-term maintenance plan for the Bribie Gardens waterways systems. The plan outlines a range of maintenance activities and provides specific programs for Bribie Gardens, Bongaree.

Cultural Strategy
The Maximising Potential: Cultural Strategy 2015 - 2018 represents a shared council and community vision for the continued growth and development of arts and culture within the Moreton Bay region up to and including the year 2018. 

Draft Travel Demand Management Strategy 2014 - 2031 [PDF 1.9MB]
The draft Travel Demand Management Strategy is about providing transport choices and making land use decisions that help people reduce the impacts of their travel. The strategy will guide the planning and delivery of the region’s travel demand management initiatives for the next 20 years.
[Coordination Committee Meeting – 13 May 2014: Pages 14/843]

Engaging Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities [PDF 540KB]
Designed to develop appropriate resources in consultation with local Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander people as well as raise the profile of the Caboolture District Libraries network and its services within A and TSI communities.

Ernst & Young Report - Disestablishment of Unitywater [PDF 2.9MB]
This report summarises the key costs and issues that Moreton Bay Regional Council must consider when deciding whether to withdraw from Unitywater.

Local Disaster Management Plan
The Disaster Management Plan has been developed by the Moreton Bay Regional Council Disaster Management Group to provide comprehensive management of disaster events within the Region. Copies of the plan can be viewed online or at Council's local libraries. Hard copies can be obtained from Council's Customer Service Centres for a standard printing fee.

Newport Waterways Long-term Maintenance Plan [PDF 2.9]
Council has prepared a long-term maintenance plan for the canal system at Newport. The plan outlines a range of maintenance activities and provides specific programs for this system.

Northern Moreton Bay Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
The urbanised sections of foreshores of Deception Bay, Beachmere, Godwin Beach, Sandstone Point (South of Bribie Island Bridge), Toorbul and Donnybrook had been identified as priority areas for erosion management where shoreline erosion can have the potential to impact on amenity, infrastructure and development. A comprehensive study has been completed to ensure appropriate coastal management.

Pacific Harbour Canals Long Term Maintenance Plan [PDF 2.5MB]
Council has prepared a long-term maintenance plan for the canal systems at Pacific Harbour. The plan outlines a range of maintenance activities and provides specific programs for Pacific Harbour, Banksia Beach.

Price Mitigation Plan [PDF 35KB]
Water and Waste Water Services delivered by Unitywater within the Moreton Bay Region.

Redcliffe Shoreline Erosion Management Plan Report
The Report details the outcomes of the Redcliffe Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) undertaken under the Shoreline Erosion Management Planning Scheme and jointly funded by Council and the Department of Infrastructure and Planning.

Skate and BMX Strategy 2010 [PDF 2MB]
The Moreton Bay Regional Council Skate and BMX Facility Strategy is a ten year framework for the provision of skate and BMX facilities across Moreton Bay.

South Pine River Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
The tidal reach of the South Pine River, from the confluence with the North Pine River to the North Coast Railway line, had been identified as an area where stream bank erosion may impact the community.

Southern Pumicestone Passage Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
Council has prepared a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan for the foreshore areas of Bongaree, Bellara, Banksia Beach and parts of Sandstone Point. The Plan provides Council with a prioritised list of recommended conceptual coastal management actions to address erosion threats by ensuring a whole of coastline approach which meets requirements of the applicable legislative framework.

Trail bike facilities needs plan [PDF 1.7MB]
Identifies sites with potential as off road motorcycling sites, where trail bike riding in one or more of its various disciplines, can be performed.

Woorim Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
After significant consultation at State Government level and by Council officers and local interest groups, the Woorim Beach Shoreline Erosion Management Plan was developed to assist in controlling erosion at Woorim Beach and was endorsed by Caboolture Shire Council in November 2007.

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