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Dynamic Growth in the Moreton Bay Region document opens in new window [PDF 910KB]
Moreton Bay region's growth is outpacing the rest of South East Queensland. This brochure highlights some of the current and future projects. 

Dynamic growth map tour link opens in new window
Take a quick tour of the dynamic growth in the Moreton Bay Region with our interactive map.

Economic Development Strategy
Council’s Economic Development Strategy provides a bold, pro-active vision for the Moreton Bay region and is designed to maximise the opportunities and benefits of our rapidly growing economy. The strategy, which spans the period 2010 to 2015, identifies economic development priorities for the Moreton Bay region. It also highlights key initiatives that will help deliver a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.

Industrial and Commercial Land Book document opens in new window [PDF 1.7MB]
The Industrial and Commercial Land book provides an overview of available sites in the Moreton Bay region. To request a hard copy of this publication please email: or telephone (07) 3283 0333.

Investment Brief
The Moreton Bay region is one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland. We've Got It All: location, land, labour and lifestyle. To see what we have to offer, have a look at our investment brief.

Tips for building a prosperous business
This resource is designed to assist proprietors to build and maintain a prosperous business with the region.

Workforce analysis – Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Council Regions document opens in new window [PDF 2.9MB]
This study focuses on developing an understanding of expected labour force developments for the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Council Regions.

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