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What is the hazard?

East coast lowEast Coast Lows are intense low pressure systems which can produce high winds and heavy rainfall similar to a tropical cyclone though usually not as intense.

They can impact areas of South East Queensland several times a year and are most likely to occur in Autumn and Winter.

How to be prepared

Preparation for and response to East Coast Lows are the same as for severe storm events.

Additionally with very high wind events, it may be necessary to take shelter during the event in the strongest part of the house – a cellar, internal room, hallway or built-in wardrobe.

Sheltering under a strong table or bench covered with a mattress or doona can provide additional safety if a building starts to break up.


It may also be necessary to evacuate prior to an East Coast Low event if very high winds are expected.

Stay tuned to local radio stations, 612ABC, 101.5FM or 99.7FM for advice and warnings, and if necessary activate your emergency plan and evacuation arrangements.

If evacuation is advised, remember to go quickly while it is still safe to do so.

For information about which evacuation centres are being used during an event, see evacuation centres or contact Council.

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